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Dusk Drive Recapture the thrill of 80s arcades in this retro tribute to OutRun.Race through 10 different evening stages, choosing your own route as you go, to reach 4 different endings.Draft [...]
Pinball of Oz Hit the pitch on this machine for the maximum pinball fun! Unleash the rainbow magic in the land of Oz and take aim for some crazy cool adventures with Dorothy!
Avie Pocket: Birthday Avie’s ready for the best birthday ever! Enter the bakery for that perfect birthday cake with juicy flavors and get Avie dressed up to be the centre of attention. Participate in va [...]
Sea Bubble Pirates 3 Pop some colored bubbles to keep this pirate ship afloat on the open seas in the 3rd sequel of the ever popular Sea bubble Pirates! Clear clusters of 3 or more bubbles from the scr [...]
Arrow Kid Viking kid gets to dark world full of traps and monsters. This is a prototype made at Mobile Heroes company. I hope for reasonable critic and useful advises.Arrows – walking and ju [...]
Go Go Naruto First demo of the Naruto game (under construction ..) Press space to reverse gravity
A Villains Demise A game created in 16 hours for Ludum Dare 25. You control a little villain in big trouble, and have to strugge to stay alive! Whats YOUR highest score? Use arrow keys to move, and [...]
Dreaming of moon Make pinguin’s dream come true: *Get to the moon!* Runs best in Chrome or Firefox browser Use [Arrow keys] or [WASD] to move and jump. [Press Space] to create ice bridge. [Hold Spa [...]
GoNaruto Corra com o naruto aperte espaço para mudar a gravidade
Platform tutorial Naruto run game!!! press space to change gravity
Naruto Run Naruto Run Game Press space to change gravity
zombies this a good game that you should kill zombies using a gun and a flamethrower left mouse button to fire the gun and Boao ussar right for the launch chamas.E to walk are the keys w, [...]
first1vok1 very good game How to play the game, eg “Up Arrow to jump, Ctrl to shoot”
Tarado da Esquiva Game made by a joke between friends use the arrow keys [left] and [right] to move, press [z] to dodge left and [x] right finally post your results in the comments and see how you d [...]
Mortis Rex Become the king of the dead and rule your peasants with an iron fist. “up arrow”: jump other arrows: movement z: ressurect dead enemie x: raise shields c: fireballs
Tubarão Assino Imagine que você é um tubarão e estar com muitas fome e começe a comer pessoas nadando no fundo do mar,Mais cuidado vc terar alguns desafios Cuidado com os barcos e alguns Peixes e [...]
Monsters' Lunar Toon A monster has been placed on the moon by a secret government program. To survive it must avoid incoming meteors to stay alive. Get flags to earn points. Use the arrow keys to move [...]
Pretty Chinese Moon Princess It’s a very fun and cool dress up games for girls.It’s another time to show her fashion styles for the pretty and cute Chinese Moon princess.Ok,now let’s start to [...]
SL Cowboy Pong SL Wild West Pong. Arrows = Move Spacebar = New BallCowboys = 50 Mouse = Start 5 Ball Loses = Game Over
Inkthings Inkthings is an action game with a unique twist: instead of shooting enemies, you fight them by drawing! You draw your own Inkthing and send it on an adventure through 10 wickedly [...]
Lucky Duckies! Click on the ground to make mamma duck cross the highway, try to keep most of her duckies alive.
Cartoon Birds Memory A very nice pair matching game. Open and memorize the cards to make completed fast.
Megastar Sliding A super version of 2048 game with merging the same type of stars by sliding them. Keep merging until you get the Megastar. The reunion feature will add a great thing to its game pl [...]
Rat Maze Guide a rat through a booby trapped maze, hold cheese before its nose to make it walk. Collect power-ups and different types of food to earn more points. Get to the exit safely, th [...]
Giant Flappy Swine Guide the big fat flying swine through the cliffs without crashing into them.rnrnHit trees, houses and planes on the way to score extra points!rnrnThe controls are a bit different [...]
Rocket Cheese You are a rat in a space ship. Fly up to the stars, avoid your enemies, collecting cheese-stars and upgrading your ship!
SL World Cup Penalty Shoot Out SL World Cup Penalty Shoot Out. Score as many Goals as you canbefore Fire Breathing Dragon Kills You. Arrows = Move Left to Right.Spacebar = Strike. Mouse = Start. 5 Dragon Hits = [...]
Ice Cream Pairs A very charming pair matching game. Open and memorize the cards to make completed fast.
SL World Cup Tank Shoot Out SL World Cup Tank Shoot Out. Score as many Goals as you canbefore Army Helicopter Shoots You Down. Arrows = Aim.Spacebar = Strike.Mouse = Start. 5 Helicopter Hits = Game Over.
SL Space Pong SL Space Pong Arrows = Move Spacebar = New BallEarth = 50Orange Planet = 50Boundary = 10Bat Hit = 20Mouse = Start 5 Ball Loses = Game Over
SL Wild West 3D Pinball SL Wild West Pinball. Fast and Furious 3D Pinball Machine with SFX. Spacebar or Mouse = New Ball. Arrows = Move Flippers. 5 Ball Deaths = Game Over.
Race To Park Race against the clock as you try to park your car as fast as you can! Try not to damage it too much or it’ll wind up totaled!
SL Zombie Jump SL Zombie Jump. A Rogue Zombie has Escaped the Chaos of the City with just his Zombie Limbs. Don’t Wake Zombie Dog ! Arrows = Move. Up Arrow = Jump. 10 Dog Grave Hits = Game [...]
SL Zombie ShotZ SL Zombie ShotZ. Shoot the Zombies and Save Earth. Arrows = Fly. Up Arrow = Thust. Spacebar = Fire.
Blobby Breakout The game is mouse controlled. Moving the mouse to the right or left moves the bar along the bottom of the screen. Use the bar to deflect your blobby towards the bricks to destroy t [...]
SL Flying Planets SL Flying Planets. Shoot the Flying Planets and Save Earth.Arrows = Fly. Up Arrow = Thrust. Spacebar = Fire.
Granny Olltwit Canary Hunter The aim of the game is to capture canaries. To do this you need to control Granny on the flying carpet. Do nothing and Granny will drop to the ground and lose a life. To keep Grann [...]
Marble Buster Mouse controlled. There are three rows of coloured marbles across the top of the screen, sorted randomly. At the bottom of the screen you will find one coloured marble in the centr [...]
Pyro Jump Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch the Princess Paper in 90 levels full of pitfalls. Pyro, the little flame, is burning with love for the princess and is ready to try [...]
Biker in Hell Fun racing platform game that will keep you entertained for hours.
Deep Hunter control your battleship to destroy enemy’s submarine which try through the waters. get coins and  and achievement points,upgrade battleship.
Bikers Nightmare Fun racing platform game that will keep you entertained for hours.
Green Fart This is the most nasty game you ever played unless you like green farts.
SL Body 3D Pinball SL Body Pinball Game. Features Realistic SFX. Arrows to Move Flippers. Spacebar or Mouse = New Ball. 5 Ball Deaths = DEAD.
Biker in Paradise In this fun platform driver game you will fight your way to respect.
SL Finn the Flying Dragon SL Finn the Flying Dragon. Help Finn Shoot Down Apples Flying Through Space. Beware the Fire Breathing Dragons who are Trying to Stop Finn. Arrows = Fly Left and Right. Spacebar to [...]
Death Rider Show your driving skills on the platforms while you kill other bikers.
Destroyer FPS INSTRUCTIONS:Aim/Shoot: Left MouseMove/View: WSAD QEZX/Arrow KeysJump: SpacePause Game: Enter (You can submit your scores in the pause menu.)
Pig Rider Ride like a pig and kill skeletons in this funny platform game.
Diggi Saize Fight your way to respect, fame and glory.
SL Star Paint SL Star Paint.  Art Drawing Pad for Children.
Liberty City Liberty City is ruled by skeletons on bikes. Your job is to kill them and conquer the city back.
Cake Break We are happy to bring you a sweet match 3 game called Cake Break. There a lot of sweet candies that you need to connect in order to get a highscore. Test your matching skills with [...]
Unreal Bus Driving Save the bus, being collided from the other vehicles. Unreal driving will let you bus jump. When you see another vehicle coming from opposite side, just press the mouse left button [...]
Smack-A-Lot : Zombie A simple smack the zombie game with left and right hand with the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys. It includes a countdown mode and a hyper edition. Thank you.
Dont Mess with Grandma Fight skeletons, airplanes and biker babes in this fun platform game.
Fruit Slicer Use the mouse to move the spinning blade into the fruit and pop them. If 5 fruit leave the playing field the game is over. As you slice more fruit, the difficulty increases, causin [...]
Royal Match Match pairs in this cool memory game. The aim of the game is to find all the matching pairs from the set of cards. Click on a card and it will turn face up, then attempt to find it [...]
Hunted Biker The most fun biker platform game ever made.
Superhero Nightmare Take control over the city by using your superhero nightmare skills.
Optical Tracer Slalom through space with precision to pass through the gates. If you fail to pass the required number of gates in a level, you lose a life. You’re given three lives. Give it [...]
Moyo About: Moyo is a challenging and fun space platformer game for Browser or Desktop (Win/Mac). In Moyo, you’ll have to deal with 4 gravity directions. Moyo features innovative mouse/ [...]
Laser Walls GAME FEATURES:★ ONE TOUCH controls★ Very ADDICTIVE★ High REPLAY value★ CUSTOMISE your laser colour and starting speed★ GLOBAL HIGHSCORES: Compete with the world for your place on t [...]
Bugs Revenge Caribbean beaches were once filled with beautiful babes until bugs took over, and turned the beaches into racing grounds.
Wild West Conflict 3D first person shooter. Criminal cowboys has captured the town and as the sheriff of this town your task is to shoot them all down.
Castlemania Conquer the castle in this top fun platform game.
Babe Conquer Conquer the babes at the caribbean beaches, but watch out for pirates.
SL Aliens Vs Dragons SL Aliens Vs Dragons – Red Aliens & Fire Breathing Dragon Fast Firing Alien Shooter. Arrows to Move. Spacebar to Shoot. 5 Lives = Game Over.  
Coffee Addict Swap, match & brew your way through over 70 levels of frantic, frothy, & caffeinated excitement in this addictive coffee-themed Match 3 game. Match tiles to supply the an [...]
Card Suits Puzzle Card Suits Puzzle is a new highscores puzzle game in which you have exactly 180 seconds to get the best score possible by collecting symbols (card suits) of the same type! Go for h [...]
Piratos Collect treasures in the caribbean but watch out for pirates.
SL Duck Shoot Shoot the Ducks Shooting GalleryFairground Attraction Arrows = Fly Left and Right5 Lives Lost = Game OverSpacebar = Fire. Mouse = New Game
Bikini Beach Bikini Beach is famous for……..Well if you dont know, you will find out in this fun racing game.


Oil Be a super hero and save the world for an oil disaster in this fun pipeline racing game
Date A Farm Girl Try out one of the best farming games ever made.
Kiss the Asphalt Drive like a maniac in the streets of manhattan and claim the street king title in the online world.
SL Helicopter Patrol SL Helicopter Patrol.Shoot the Helicopters DownBefore they Shoot Finn the Dragon.Arrows = Move.Spacebar = Fire.Helicopters = 50.Mouse = Start.5 Heli Hits = Game Over.
Highway of Hell Superior graphic and gameplay make this biker game to one of the best ever made.
Ninja CC Created originally as a tutorial for the ‘How to Cheat in Flash CC’ book by Chris Georgenes, Ninja CC is a fun and quick game with two modes. ‘Book mode’ is [...]
Biker in 1680 Make the Medieval period to one big party by killing knights and archers with your bike.
SL Tank Patrol SL Tank Patrol.Shoot the TanksBefore they Shoot At Finn the Dragon.Arrows = Move.Spacebar = Fire.Tanks = 50.Mouse = Start.5 Heli Hits = Game Over.
Basketball Classic This is a simple Basketball game. In it you need to put the ball in moving baskets. The moving baskets come from ‘left to right’ or ‘right to left’ with dif [...]
Smack-A-Lot : Vampire “A” and “D” to smack using left and right hand. When the Vampire is about to attack, press “S” to defend and nullified the attack.
Snake and Zombies It a simple defense game. In this game you need to operate a snake with mouse for 2 purposes:1. Let the snake alive2. Kill the zombies to protect the treasuresThe main thing to not [...]
Click to Load Click on the CLICK-Button to load the progressbar and receive time bonuses. You have 30 seconds to click on the CLICK-Button as much as you can. Good Luck!! Download the App: http: [...]
Sea Dragon Action game. Shoot and up with a submarine!  rn An arcade game with 6 levels with tons of action! rn Use arrow keys to move, SPACE to shoot.
Space Gems A match 3 game with a intergalactic theme. Collect rocket fuel in each level so you can explore new planets. Use the mouse to play, click and drag a stone towards an adjacent stone [...]
Bounzies Throw a ball in the game from the top. Use aiming skills and flippers to collect all smiley faces in a level. Move the mouse to aim and click to launch a ball. If a level contains [...]
Physicar Jump in your vehicle and drive as fast as possible. Avoid dangerous obstacles and collect coins to upgrade your car. Only the best drivers can collect all achievements and compete [...]
Falling Letters Find 2 the same letters in a line and click on them to remove them of the table. Try to remove as many letters as possible.
Angry Mouse The farmer and his animals have been shitting on you for too long. Now it is time to be angry.
Beach Babes Impress the beach babes with your skills on the racing track.
Swupi Adventure On The Island Swupi is the world famous actor. He had world tour to see his fans, but the bad weather made his plane to crash on the uninhabited island. The next morning, he saw the red signal f [...]
Savannah Survival Cross the savannah where wild animals rules in this fun and different racing game.
Fruit Match This is a “match 3” style game. Change places of neighbour fruits to compose 3 or more same fruits in row. Your task is to remove all silver tiles from the game field.r [...]
The Asteroids Shoot the asteroids by left mouse button. Frequency of asteroids is increase in time.
Castle Escape Move and jump around with the arrow keys. Use your hammer (space bar) to break special hatches below and in front of you. Avoid all enemies.
Biker in Heaven Fun racing platform game that will keep you entertained for hours.
Party On Beach There is a night party at the beach.The girl wants to dress up as beautiful as possible so she can attractrnall the men in the party.Help her choose the right accessories and dress [...]
Demonic flower Funny fantasy action in which you need to help the king to destroy hordes of enemies and find gifts for the princesses!rnrnYou are waiting for four campaigns – elves, orcs, u [...]
Monster Teeter You are the monster on the right side, move mouse to balance teeter. Eat apples to increase your weight, click to puke it. Avoid teeter touch the ground any side. Catch stars for b [...]
Asylum Redux You have explored may asylums. This time the magic continues. The evil is back and has spread itself around 4 locations. Use your skills to locate the portals and travel through ma [...]
Escape Mystic Island, While visiting the mystic island, you were having a great time. After a few cold beverages you fell asleep and when you woke up you were locked in this house. Search around and fin [...]
Bro Team Join the team and get ready to duke it out on an adventure that’s totally wild.
Clash of Cubes Dodging won't be enough to get you through the Clash of Cubes, use strategy with your specially designed color shifter to make it to the final stage. A Shift BlueS Shift RedD S [...]
Snow Bike Snow Bike is a fantastic 3D Stunt Bike Game. Hop on your bike and pull jumps and adrenaline pumping back flips through the crazy and dangerous snowy terrain. 20 levels of extreme a [...]
Cut 3D See if you can cut all of these three-dimensional objects down to size. It’s trickier than you might think…
Pedro says Thank You Help Pedro reach Construct 2! Watch out, boring non-Construct 2 things will attack you! Use Arrow Keys….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂