5 games to launch amid coronavirus lockdown

Amid the coronavirus pandemic across the world the gaming industry seems doing good as people are locked down at homes. Here we will discuss which games are ready for launching and to hit the PC and gaming console soon. The games discussed are Boundary, Going Under, John Wick Hex, Biped and Windbound.


The first person shooter is not set on Earth or any other planet. It is set in space and gamer is adrift on a satellite with guns. Boundary features multiple playable called Astroperators and co-players get their own special abilities.

People surprisingly can be seen in astronaut suits and the game is a zero-gravity shooter. Boundary’s launch date has not yet been announced but expected to happen later in 2020 on PC and PS4.

Going Under

Going Under is a roguelite game and players explore in it offices of abandoned tech startups. Junk found in the offices is used as weapons. The vibrant art style game seems to be an absolute blast.

Story of Going Under focus on Jakie, who is a marketing internship and fight off monsters. The game will step out from the stable of the developer in September this year.

John Wick Hex

It is a strategy game and stands ready at the Bithell Games to be launched on PlayStation 4 soon. The character John Wick Wick in it marries the badassery of John Wick.

Studio boss Mike Bithell cooperated with series director Chad Staheiski in developing the game, which is a triumph.


Biped is all set to hit the PlayStation 4 on April 8, Wednesday. It is a co-op action-platform game that stars some really adorable bipedal robots. It is a clean and colorful game, which is perfect for co-op playing with friends as well as strangers.

The primary focus of the game is to solve puzzles and clear challenges with the help of partner. However, it comes with a solo mode too if any gamer wants to play alone, without co-op missions.


Standing ready to be launched on August 28 on PlayStation 4, the Windbound is a gorgeous survival-crafting game and players need to explore a mysterious island.

Developed at the stable of 5 Lives Studios, the game is survival focused and gamer, playing as Kara, finds tough getting bearings as well as securing essentials after washing ashore.

However, Kara is confident in her living situation and capable of exploring more ambitiously. Through a raft and glider she harnesses wind and sea.

The above discussed five games, Boundary, Going Under, John Wick Hex, Biped and Windbound, are ready for launching in the months between April and September.

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