Animal Crossing: New Horizons review

Released about a week ago on 20th March 2020, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons from the stable of Nintendo is a nonlinear life simulation video game that is played in real-time. It gives more creative freedom to players making the special in the Animal Crossing series.

There is no lived-in town in the game as seen in the previous versions. The island here is empty and animals come as part of the getaway package of Tom Nook. Players don’t find any museum or store on the island. They have to explore the community of anthropomorphic animals.

Tom Nook is the famous tanuki character in the game and he is a staple of the series. He starts visiting the island with a luau. The villagers are heard saying they have come here to find some quietness and peace. They needed a break from the noisy and busy world.

The game does not deviate from the core Animal Crossing gameplay and players are free to fill the days accordingly such as making a forested wonderland or planting trees. Gamers can make house pretty and fill it with matching wallpaper or furniture. They can develop extensive arrangement of living exhibits or gather critters for the purpose of donating to local museum.

Gamers can catch rare fish in the game, get perfect birdbath or greet hi to the neighbors.

New Horizons is dramatic and is the first to come in HD in the Animal Crossing series. The previous versions were available for the 240p Nintendo 3DS screen and Animal Crossing: New Leaf was excellent.

The resolution boost in the new version is not just in terms of atmosphere, but the high definition has an impact on the game as a whole. Even the smallest of critters and creepy centipede legs are visible. It offers higher level of detail. It makes the island feel like alive.

Even though the visual fidelity has been boosted, but the heart of the game has not changed. It remains the same.

Changes can be seen in the construction process of the island and players can enjoy complete control on every major decision. The control level is thrilling. The customization ties with the new addition are nice. Gamers can buy new furniture recipes from the recipe packs. The do-it-yourself furniture crafting is wonderful and gives feeling of ownership.

The version is a respite from the current world but there are some flaws like quirks in the online play. It takes long connection time and pause the action sometimes in the mid of the game.


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a spectacular game as used to be over the earlier versions. It is highly recommended to play with a Nintendo Switch. The game can easily earn a rating of 4 out of five stars.

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