Beginner tips for Revenge of the Titans

Revenge of the Titans is a fast-paced real time strategy (RTS) tower defense game. To be successful, you will need to study the enemy and prepare.
There is a rumbling in the distance. The earth begins to shake and huge, frightening forms lurch their way towards the cities and towards your command center. The Titans have landed, alien monsters hell-bent on wiping out humanity. You are the last hope for Earth’s survival. It’s time to build your defenses and fight back!

Remember, when setting up your defenses place refineries and droid factories last, as these items trigger the Titans to attack. Waiting to place these additions last will grant you several minutes to set up your defenses before the attack begins.

Study the Technology Tree and Develop a Plan

The technology tree in Revenge of the Titans is fairly large and more advanced technologies may have several prerequisites. After each round in the campaign, you will be able to research and implement one technology. Early in the game, you should focus on enhancing turrets with upgrades including scanners (for improving turret range), batteries (for increased ammunition per turret), and cooling silos (to improve the rate of fire for turrets). Mineral collection upgrades are also very important.

Use Turret Upgrades Effectively

Rather than simply building turret after turret, make use of upgrades to improve the range, damage, and rate of fire of the turrets. This way, fewer turrets will be required, and thus less money will be spent to deal out the necessary damage to keep the command center secure. Under most circumstances, you should only need about 4-6 turrets to effectively defend your base.

Cluster Your Defenses

Do not spread your defenses too thin. Later in the game, turrets are only truly effective when they can be enhanced by upgrades and used in conjunction with more advanced and deadly guns. Further, the more spread out your defenses, the greater the area available for the enemy to attack. This means there are more weak points present for the enemy to focus on and exploit. Spreading your defenses also requires spending more money.

Make Good Use of Barriers

Barriers may be one of the simplest technologies, but it is by far one of the most useful and economic technologies in the game. They should be researched early. Barriers are essential aspects to any effective defensive strategy. Barriers serve to help defend your command center. They should be placed around turrets to prevent them from being damaged. Barriers can also be used to funnel enemies to choke points in the terrain where your weapons can focus their fire and create a “kill zone.”

Place barriers wisely as there is only a limited quantity per type of barrier per round. Once combat begins, barriers should be rebuilt (if possible) to help keep the Titans at bay.

Use Mines

Like barriers, mines allow you to create a buffer between you and the enemy. Mines are a great method for thinning out and weakening enemy ranks before they reach your barriers or come into range of turrets. Mines can even be “dropped” amongst groups of enemies (but not on top of enemies) for strategic group kills and cluster damage.

Guard the Roads

When attacking, the Titans tend to use the roads as a path towards your command center. Therefore, it would be wise to focus your defenses at these points. Keep in mind that rule does not always hold true, especially on boss monster levels.

Utilizing well-laid plans combined with patience and quick thinking, you can persevere against the onslaught of the Titan invaders. Use your resources carefully and place your turrets where they can dish out the most damage. Earth shall prevail!

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