Beginner’s SWG Politician Guide

In a perfect galaxy, there would be no need for lawyers or politicians, but the universe of Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars Galaxies are far from perfect. The good news is that a player who wants to engage in the political elements of the game and have their character become involved in the player-run community of the game can learn the politician tree.

The politician was a skill set in Star Wars Galaxies before the combat expansion introduced classes with levels. Now it is a class that people can level up by running the city. Sony Online Entertainment’s second MMORPG gives player characters the chance to ruin his city or turn it into a community capable of rivaling Coruscant.

Experience as a Politician – Not Needed in Star Wars Galaxies

This seems to be the way things often work in the real world, as well, much to the chagrin of New York senator, Hilary Clinton, but a player gets fully leveled as a politician when he registers with a city or town. Only a politician can become mayor of a Star Wars Galaxies player city.

A city is created by placing the deed for a city hall and then getting ten players including the first mayor to register as a citizen. Citizens pay taxes to the city which goes to the upkeep of the civil structures. The costs required to maintain a city increase as the level of the community rises.

What Politicians Can Do in Star Wars Galaxies

The job of a politician in Star Wars Galaxies is nearly identical to the job function of a real-life local politician, although the mayor of a player-made city does not need to oversee a police force. Guilds usually set up a city for members. Other less formal player associations, such as merchant alliances or role playing associations set up player cities.

Managing a player city is a more difficult task that cannot be covered in a base guide of how to become a politician. Just remember that you need no prior experience to run a Star Wars Galaxies city. If the player is applying for a job with a gaming company, he can list his experience as mayor on his resume. A player who is skilled at persuasion may be able to convince a prospective employer that he learned to be an effective leader by playing this mmorpg.

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