Best Fire Pokémon in Heart Gold, Soul Silver

Fire Pokémon are arguably less essential than other elemental-type Pokémon (water, electric, grass, etc). Fire is weak against Ground, Rock, and Water – three common types with strong attack moves – and most Fire Pokémon lack the defenses to survive super-effective attacks. On the other hand, several strong Fire Pokémon exist and Sunny Day boosts strong Fire attacks to even more dangerous levels.

Learn about the best fire Pokémon available in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, in this non-competitive Pokémon type guide.

Bad Fire Pokémon Heart Gold, Soul Silver

Before learning about the best, it’s good to take note of the worst. The following Fire type Pokémon should be avoided: Magcargo.

Poor Magcargo. As a Rock / Fire combination, Magcargo suffers from a x4 weaknesses to Water and Ground. It seems to be a more defensive-oriented Pokémon, so those x4 weaknesses especially hurt. It’s a shame, because this lava-slug is both a unique type combination and an interesting Pokémon design, but the result is nothing short of underwhelming.

Good Fire Type Pokémon Soul Silver, Heart Gold

The following Fire type Pokémon are reliable but not extraordinary: Ninetales, Magmar, Flareon, Rapidash.

Vulpix / Ninetales is only available through Soul Silver or through trading, and can only evolve via Fire Stone. Its stats are not spectacular, neither is its move variation. However, it does learn Flamethrower and Will-o-Wisp naturally. Will-O-Wisp is particularly a treat, as it’s a rarely learned move that inflicts burn status with the same accuracy as Poison Powder. Burn status is a great counter to physical-based Pokémon as it cuts their attack stat.

Magmar packs a bit more punch than Ninetales, but his true power won’t be revealed until it is evolved by trading it with a Magmitizer, an item only found later in the game. Even still, it’s a reliable fire-type, but doesn’t have a very good move variety outside fire attacks.

Considered by many to be the worst of the Eevee evolutions, Flareon offers massive attack with next to no physical attack moves to make good use of it, not even a decent physical-based fire attack. It’s still not “bad” but there are definitely better Eevee evolutions and better Fire type Pokémon.

Rapidash used to be worse off than Flareon, but now that it can learn Flare Blitz and Megahorn (heart scale required) to make use of its good attack, it’s probably the superior now. It’s still not the best fire type available, but certainly much better than what it once was.

The Best Fire Pokémon Heart Gold, Soul Silver

Heart Gold and Soul Silver only has only a few truly great Fire Pokémon: Typhlosion, Arcanine, Houndoom. However, these Pokémon are so strong that they even rival fire-based Legendary Pokémon Moltres and Entei.

Typhlosion is only available as a starter Pokémon or by trading. As a general rule, starter Pokémon are always reliably strong, but Typhlosion is especially so. With large special attack and speed, along with powerful moves like Flamethrower, Typhlosion packs a punch. And, through the TMs Sunny Day and Solar Beam, he can even counteract his two primary weaknesses: Water and Ground.

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Growlithe / Arcanine, only available in Heart Gold (evolved through a fire stone), used to suffer the same fate as Rapidash and Flareon, that is to say, good stats but bad movepools. Thankfully, several generations later Aracanine received a much-needed boost. Now he learns excellent attacks naturally such as Flare Blitz, Crunch and Extremespeed. And TMs such as Sunny Day and Dragon Pulse adds even more power.

Houndoom offers the unique Fire / Dark type combination with high special attack and speed, and learns powerful moves like Flamethrower. However, to take advantage of that high special attack, players should learn Dark Pulse (TM) instead of Crunch. Houndoom even has two great abilities to choose from, Flash Fire and Early Bird.

Best Fire Pokémon Conclusion

Fire Pokémon have come a long way in the series, and many have received muched needed boosts with more varied movepools and more useful abilities. While a Fire type is still not necessary for every team, their improved effectiveness over the years have certainly made them more desirable companions.

Knowing which Fire Pokémon is the best is only the first step towards using them effectively. Players who want more information and strategies on the Fire type should check out the Fire Pokémon Type Guide.

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