Best free games to play amid coronavirus quarantine

Amid quarantine to fight against the coronavirus gaming enthusiasts have continuously craved for more games, and mostly the free ones as the future economy and budget are uncertain. Here we will discuss how to get either free or cheap video games.

The below games are currently made available for free:

Destiny 2: New Light

Destiny 2: New Light is a free-to-play game from the stable of a developer who created Halo. It is equipped with tight shooter fundamentals and several satisfying guns. It is made available for both console and PC. New players are suggested to read the guide before playing.


Warframe is usually compared to Destiny 2 due to its excellent loot-based combat. The fast-paced action game is a bit silly and wonky too. It is a free-to-play and made available only on PC.

Battle Royale

The free-to-play Battle Royale game is made available on PC, mobile devices and consoles.


This is one of the best card games lately. Gamers can try several strategic battles in Hearthstone and the focus is to outflank other players. It is made available for both PC and mobile devices. It is free-to-play game.

Let us discuss the cheap ones. It is true that subscriptions are not free. Even if free, the functionality of those games may differ compared to the pro versions. Here are some ways to play such games at a low price.

Xbox Game Pass

Just pay $10 a month to avail about a hundred excellent games from Microsoft’s first-party titles. The Gold subscription however to cost you $14.99 a month.

EA Access/Origin Access

Sports lover may like this. A basket of games under the pass to cost just $4.99 a month.


Revive the memories of some historical games that stabs throat of people with some of the popular titles of Ubisoft such as the Assassin’s Creed games. Spend as low as $14.99 a month and start playing lot of games while being in quarantine, an effort to fight against coronavirus.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is good but lately gamers have stopped talking about it. It comes at just $4.99 a month and best to play on mobile devices.


Let’s play to do some charity while the world is fighting against coronavirus. Donate while picking up some games. You have to pay just $30 for several excellent games and the proceeds will automatically go to charity.

All the games under it are of low-specs and best for work-from-home laptop or PC which are not fit for gaming.


Stay at home and stay safe. This is what the authorities across the world are suggesting to people. The above games may help you to remain entertained while being indoor while the health industry fights to eradicate coronavirus.

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