Board games to play at home amid Coronavirus lockdown

Amid the wild spread of COVID-19 or Coronavirus in several countries many places have been locked down and people are getting enough couch time. The governments have asked residents to stay at home and abide to the order of social distancing from others.

Here, in this article we will discuss and recommend a classic form of entertainment to everyone who likes playing games. Quench your wanderlust cravings with these board games:

Passport to Culture

In the board game titled Passport to Culture the goal of a player has similarities to the real life. The work in the card game is to fill passport. It sets a travel tone seeking to see places. Players can learn about different countries here with questions and some of the culture cards. Probably, the game is perfect to plan the next travel destination.

Where in the World

The title explains what the game is about. As Coronavirus has spread across the country, ‘Where in the World’ helps in learned some latest facts about capitals, languages, exports, imports and religions. It comprises of six games and is equipped with several ways to explore the world. It is suggested to play repeatedly and practice filling up the map.

Brainbox: The World

It is a memory game. It helps learning about famous landmarks across the world. It makes player know about different cultures and geography in the world. Players need to draw a card in the game and thereafter internalize related pictures and fast immediately. The game is perfect for adults who want to brush up their trivia.

Around the World in 80 Days

In the 21st century the game takes back players to the Victoria Era. It takes on an 80-day journey covering the entire world. Different modes of transportation are used. It is easy to play and comes with good interface.

Dash! A Whimsical Race Through Singapore

Amid lockdown due to spread of Coronavirus this card game helps in taking a trip to Southeast Asia. Players can race here through Singapore and the features include stop at some of the famous districts.

Flags of the World

This is an online flag game and can be played by the whole family together amid Coronavirus lockdown.


This title fits in today’s pandemic situation. It is equipped with features like Outbreak and Contagion. It comes with more than one version.


It is one of the most popular classic board games. It is perfect to play during Coronavirus lockdown.

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