Call of Duty Black Ops Newbies – Beginner tips for online play

The golden rules to online multiplayer success in Call of Duty Black Ops are listed here. These beginner tips for online play will help you improve your kill to death ratio and perhaps you’ll soonstart winning a few online games.

But it’s important to recognise that you have to put into practice everything you are being told here. There is no magical immediate formula to making you into an all-seeing all-knowing sharp-shooting multi-prestige achieving harbinger of doom. Like everything in life, to become successful in this video game requires hard work and dedication but if you Call of Duty Black Ops newbies take the following beginner tips on board, you may become kickass sharpshooters sooner than you may think.

Movement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

You’re not participating in the video game to have a nice stroll and take in the scenery. It is preferable if you are sprinting, running or at the very least moving at all times or completely stationary and prone. Moving fast allows you to sneak up on an enemy and being in a prone or stationary position offers the possibilites of sniping or maintaining a good position (preferably elevated). So move quickly or stop and hide (when stopping, make sure you are in a covered position and check your mini-map or listen for footsteps of other players). Never ever walk as it offers no advantage at all during online play in this video game.

Aim for the Head

Don’t just spray your gunfire at any enemy in sight during gameplay. The head is a smaller target to aim at but the kill will be instant and if you get used to aiming at the head, your kill rate will go through the roof. Aim down the sights and then bang your man is down.

Communication is Key to Black Ops Survival

One of the best yet most underrated weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops online multiplayer is your team. Having multiple eyes in multiple locations means you can monitor a much larger area of the map and with intelligent communication with your team-mates, you can squeeze the opposition team into parts of the map that make them easier to ambush.

Of course you’ll need a headset to benefit from this tip but trust me, it is an invaluable aid in the video game as the element of surprise is a fundamental key to success in Call of Duty.

Learn from Killcams

So you have had a few failures and you’re starting to get a little frustrated. Make use of the knowledge that comes with the moment you fall and study the killcams so you can learn not only how you were taken out and exact revenge on your fellow players (if s/he’s in the same position, often though s/he’ll move to a spot nearby as s/he expects you to return looking for blood so beware) but you’ll also discover where are the good spots on the map to mount an attack.

If you have had a few successful kills from what you believe is a prime position on the map to pick off passers-by, then you must move before you are found out. Your victims will have studied the cams I mentioned earlier and come looking for you. Move to a position nearby and wait for their return. There is no one part of the map where you are invincible, if you stay in one position for too long you will be taken out by other game players.

Don’t Forget About Your Equipment

A lot of players tend to focus too much on their primary weapon in the game. For each life you have in the game you should endeavour to make use of all of your equipment. Concussion grenades are great for attacking crowded rooms or for temporarily disabling snipers or campers.

If you are a sniper yourself then to add a little bit of protection to your positon, you should place a claymore directly behind you to warn you when enemies are at your back. Choose the equipment that suits your style of play and try to use it as often as possible.

Cover in this Video Game is Key

Don’t run around the COD maps aimlessly looking for enemies. Yes it is important to move but move intelligently. Always run to cover and if possible stay indoors as you can’t be got at by aerial attacks and can’t be easily spotted.

When you have to travel outdoors make sure to have an area of cover to run to at all times (the nearest cover whenever possible). If you run into open ground and there is no cover in sight you’ll be a sitting duck and cannon fodder in no time.

Choose Killstreaks that you can Achieve.

Sure it would be cool to get some attack dogs (11 successive online game players eliminated while staying alive) or a Chopper Gunner (9 players) but ask yourself how often do you achieve these kind of killstreaks. As a newbie the answer is probably never. I would recommened the RC-XD which is a devestating little pie e of equipment and the care packages often throw great killstreaks your way. Just remember you are vulnerable on the ground when using these so choose an isolated well-hidden location to unleash them.

After a few hours of gameplay you should have a rough idea of what your strengths and weaknesses in the video game are. Then you can set up your class to compensate for your weaknesses. If you find it hard to get good accuracy then choose Steady Aim as a perk and get a grip or a red dot sight as an attachment.

If you find that you are constantly getting blown up by grenades or missiles then invest in a flak jacket. Be aware of how you can customise your class to mask the shortcomings in your gameplay.

Spend Your COD Points Wisely

Do you want to spend your money on a little bit of everything or to choose a specific class that suits you and spend big on that class so that you have all the equipment, guns, attachments and perks you need to make the most out of your specialised class?
The latter option here is strongly recommended. Develop your game in one class first and then watch the COD points build up and you can buy the other stuff but don’t waste points on a ballistic knife (even though it’s cool) if you like to play as a sniper.

And that’s all folks, remember not to get too frustrated and try to enjoy the game at all times. Pay attention to the tips above and you will improve no matter if you are playing on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 or on PC. Good luck and happy hunting! The video game will reward the game players that are patient and precise and the essentail beginner tip for online play is to persist.

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