Call of Duty: Warzone coming as FTP, cross-platform: Activision

It was a secret about a month ago, though a leak claimed it, but now the Activision blog has announced that Call of Duty will be soon coming as FTP, Free-to-Play, and for cross-platform. This means gamers can now play the CoD on PC and consoles.

YouTube channel Chaos first revealed, before the official announcement from Activision, Monday that Call of Duty: Warzone will be FTP and can be played across gaming platforms.

The 11-minute video compiled with raw gameplay footage however fails to reveal the exact details, but adds that owners of Modern Warfare reboot of 2019 may get early access to it.

The video has no footage of real-money store and so it is too early to comment whether there will be paid options in the free game like a “battle pass” system.

Call of Duty: Warzone is developed by Infinity Ward, which is a subsidiary company of Activision, and the CoD series is equipped with a battle royale mode that is attacked to Black Ops 4 of 2018.

However, it is learned the latest game may reduce the emphasis of Black Ops 4 on equippable gadgets.

It is being guessed that gamers may require earning temporary cash while landing on an island and survive against the opponents amid shrunk shared battle.

Players can either complete the tasks or else have to lose the earned cash. There probably will be “buy stations” button with the help of which temporary superpowers can be achieved. The feature is somewhat similar to the prior games’ “kill streaks.” The efforts can also be made to revive the fallen teammates. Similar set-up was last found in 2018’s short-lived Radical Heights.

The video also fails to reveal how vast is the Warzone’s map, but it is being guessed to be one of the biggest in the genre.

The game will support 150 players and the Warzone to have tanks, trucks and other such ground transport which are usually found missing in the battle royale genre.

One important mode to take note here is the new “gulag,” which will allow players to come back to life after fighting own way out of prison.

The Activision blog confirmed on Monday that the game will hit across platforms at 3 pm ET on March 10, Tuesday.

It adds those who have paid version of the 2019’s CoD: Modern Warfare will get the access of a four-hour head start starting at 11 am ET. This is the only benefit the owners are to get for owning the previous game.

More to all these, earning or purchasing cosmetics in the game can be transferred to the retail MW game’s multiplayer modes.

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