Christmas holiday presents for geeks and nerds

Christmas holiday presents:

Micro Spy Remote: Miniture universal remote is perfect for messing with a friend’s TV, or causing a teacher’s TV in school to go haywire in the middle of a boring educational video. Nondescript and easy to program, this device is perfect for pranks on a budget.

“Mana Energy Potion” 6-pack: World of Warcraft fans will love this petite energy drink. Made to look like the virtual Mana in the game, “Mana Energy Potion” packs 4 cups of coffee worth of caffeine into a small container perfectly suited for cosplay.

WiFi Detector Shirt: This t-shirt has a built-in wifi signal detector that lights up when a signal is detected. Perfect for the geek who is always trying to steal internet from the neighbors.

Cocktail chemistry set: If you have ever been dismayed at an antisocial friend or family member who never wants to go to parties, this chemistry-themed cocktail set will excite their inner chem nerd and make them feel more at ease at your holiday shindig.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: A must-have for any gamer, Modern Warfare series is quickly becoming the best-selling video game. If your geek friend does not have this already, they are in for a lot of fun!

Lilliput Mini USB Monitor: This mini-monitor connects to your geek’s computer via USB, and offers the perfect way to monitor instant messaging applications or system stats while in-game or involved in another task.

Star Wars Force FX Light Sabers: These realistic-looking light sabers are perfect for the Star Wars guru who always wished the force was strong within him. Available in multiple colors and “models,” they are high-quality items that will be appreciated by any huge fan of the franchise.

GP2 Wiz Emulator: Perfect for the gamer who misses the good old days of retro gaming, this emulator provides on-the-go reminiscences of games he originally played on his Atari, NES, SNES, game boy, Commodore 64… the compatibility list goes on. A great choice for the nostalgic video game fan.

Mimo Slider Touch USB Monitor: A step up from the Liliput listed above, this model, which is also USB powered, includes a touch screen and nifty folding design. Great for notebooks.

TomTom XXL 540s GPS: A must-have for the directionally challenged, this high-end navigator comes with maps of the US, Canada and Mexico, displayed on a gorgeous 5 inch touch screen. 7 million POIs are pre-programmed into it, so you can always find the nearest restaurant, gas station, etc. Check out my in-depth review of the 540s.

“HiCan” High-fidelity canopy: Words cannot describe this work of art. You’ll have to check out the link for yourself. This is the ideal possession for the couch-potato geek.

So, good luck with your Christmas holiday shopping!

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