Citing Coronavirus pandemic Sony delays The Last Of Us 2 release

Release date of The Last Of Us 2 has been delayed and Sony has not announced any release date citing global coronavirus pandemic crisis as the cause for the move.

The Last Of Us 2 was earlier scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4 on May 29, 2020. The original release date was on February 21, 2020. When it will be launched, the game will be released in four editions – Elite, collector, special and standard.

A statement from Sony read, “We were bummed about this decision but ultimately understood it’s what’s best and fair to all of our players… We’re hoping that this won’t be a long delay and we’ll update you as soon as we have new information to share.”

Developed by Naughty Dog, the action-adventure game was announced in December 2016. It contains survival horror elements with improved weapons, some firearms and stealth that could be used to defend against hostile humans.

The first version of The Last of Us was launched in 2013. The new avatar comes with expanded gameplay mechanics and players can traverse the environment by reaching at higher vantage points by climbing and jumping. Gamers can crawl in prone in it while evading hostile enemies.

Development of the game started in 2014, following release of The Lost Of Us Remastered and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced it in 2016 at the PlayStation Experience event.

The game was named as the Most Anticipated Game of the Year from PlayStation Blog in 2017. At the Golden Joystick Awards in 2018 The Last of Us II was rewarded as the Most Wanted Game. The same year The Game Awards announced it to be the Most Anticipated Game. Gamers’ Choice Awards too found the creation as Most Anticipated Game.

In July 2018 the Game Critics Awards awarded The Last of Us II as Special Commendations for Graphics and Sound.

The second trailer of the game was well received but with some criticisms too for its violence. Defending such feedback the Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan said The Last of Us II is made by adults and it is to be played by the adults.

Director and writer Neil Druckmann said, “We’re making a game about the cycle of violence and we’re making a statement about violent actions and the impact they have … [the idea] was for the player to feel repulsed by some of the violence they are committing themselves.”

At the E3 presentation in 2018, Ellie was shown kissing another woman named Dina. The move was praised as usually it is difficult to animate. Critics praised improved graphics, combat and artificial intelligence as well of the game.

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