Draw Slasher for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Draw Slasher is one of many zombie killing arcade games available for the iPhone OS. What sets it apart is its effective use of the iPhone’s touch interface in gameplay, and gorgeous cartoon-like graphics reminiscent of Jamie Hewlett’s work with Tank Girl and the Gorillaz.

Draw Slasher for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Features

  • Excellent Graphics and Animation
  • Simple and Effective Touch Interface for Gameplay
  • Expansion Features New Arenas and Extra Game Mode
  • Pirate Monkey Zombies and Ninjas
  • Support for the OpenFeint Social Gaming Network

Developed by Polish game developers, Mass Creation, Draw Slasher (subtitled Dark Ninja vs. Pirate Monkey Zombies) works perfectly as a quick gaming break. Its frenetic gameplay is sure to be a stress reliever.

Ninja Attack on Pirate Monkey Zombies

Upon first starting Draw Slasher, the user can either try out the game’s tutorial, or dive into one of the two game modes, although the Survival mode is only available for gamers who have purchased the expansion pack.

Endless Mode comes with the game and it features three sub-modes. “Waves” requires the gamer to kill off each successive wave of zombies within a certain time limit. “Hardcore” throws the gamer right into the hardest difficulty level with the object of simply surviving. Finally, “Classic” mode starts slowly and gradually builds up the difficulty level over time.

The gaming interface is elegantly simple. Two arrow controls at the bottom of the screen move the player’s ninja back and forth, while finger swiping through the zombies triggers a ninja attack. Combos are awarded for multiple simultaneous kills, so swiping through multiple zombies works effectively. There is a small delay between the finger swipe and the actual attack taking place if the ninja is out of position, which only adds to the frenetic nature of Draw Slasher.

Social Networking Support for Ninjas

Draw Slasher features full support for the iPhone’s OpenFeint social gaming network. A host of achievements and worldwide leaderboards add to the game’s replay value.

Also adding to the replay value is the expansion pack for Draw Slasher available for 0.99 at Apple’s App Store. This expansion adds the Survival game mode, as well as the stunning Sakura Garden game arena.

While the standard black and white Bamboo Forest arena looks great, the Sakura Garden adds a subtle touch of color to the body parts and gore making up the majority of Draw Slasher’s excellent graphics.

Draw Slasher is a recommended download for iPhone owners who are fans of zombie killing arcade games or even fans of Jamie Hewlett’s artwork. Blood and gore never looked so elegant.

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