Dungeons & Dragons, tiny adventures on Facebook

While most Facebook games are clumsily implemented and pose no real depth of gameplay – Wizards of the Coast’s production of Tiny Adventures seems to solidly buck this trend, producing an intriguing and fun little application that’s worth a download for any gamer who enjoys traditional RPG’s.

Character Classes, Statistics, Equipment, Inventory – It’s All Here!

Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures allows the player to play a variety of characters, sending them into retirement at the end of illustrious careers in order to unlock more prestige classes.

The starting portfolios include a dragon born fighter, half-elf paladin, halfling rogue, eladrin mage, and others. Equipment is purchased from the store in the form of personal offers (that can be replaced at will) as well as standard inventory. Items can also be found while adventuring that are usually even better than what you will find in the store.

The d20 system is also at play regarding game statistics – nearly all events are a simple d20 check against a certain, arbitrary DC that must be beaten. A cunning encounter against a wayfaring party of elves may require the player character to pass an intelligent check, while a more straightforward combat encounter against a group of wild kobolds might require a basic attack check.

Each event is timed five to ten minutes apart to allow for casual gaming and tinkering with the character in between rounds. Healing potions as well as buffs are available amongst friends who choose to buff other Facebook contacts in order to make their questing easier.

Character Retirement, Prestige Classes – The Adventure Continues!

Once a character in Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures has reached their level cap (level 10), the character is retired from active service and the player is given the choice of taking a new character through a series of adventures.

As play continues and more characters are retired, new characters of certain prestige classes are unlocked, such as the Swordmage, Avenger, Warden, and Invoker. This aspect enhances the replay value of a Facebook game that is already fairly competent and interesting on its own.

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