Educational Nintendo Wii Games

Gaming is an important part of our life. We learn many new things and this is the positive aspect of playing video games. In this article, we will discuss some educational games, such games which undoubtedly will help in learning something more than what is taught in schools and colleges. Hence, parents too may prefer making their children play educational Nintendo Wii games.

Big Brain Academy Wii Degree

In Brain Academy players enroll at the academy and go through a series of taxing tests and games using the Wii remote. When they have finished their brain weights (hence the title) are measured. This game is suitable for 8 year olds and upwards but can also be enjoyed by adults too! A particularly fun game mode involves players using the Wii remote like a hammer to knock out the wrong answers.

This game also features a CO-OP and multiplayer mode so children can play together.

My Word Coach for Nintendo Wii

My Word Coach helps children improve their reading, spelling and vocabulary using fun and simple games. Although it is not the easiest of games in some later sections and so would not be suitable for younger children.

This games also features Nintendo DS Wireless compatibility. This means that certain aspects of the game can be controlled using a Nintendo DS and its wireless functions.

Smarty Pants on Nintendo Wii

Smarty Pants is a trivia game that tests the player’s general knowledge. A very clever game in that it adjusts questions to suit each player. The players enter their ages (when they create a Mii) and the game will only ask the player questions that are age appropriate. Smarty Pants caters for players aged eight and above. Smarty Pants is also a very good family party game.

Educational Wii Games Suitable For Younger Children

As it’s a relatively new system there aren’t any educational games on the Nintendo Wii that are suitable for the 3-5 age range (although there are plenty of non-educational games which are). Parents who are looking for console games that promote learning will find the “I Did it Mum” range on the Nintendo DS Handheld Console suitable for this age range. In fact the Nintendo DS has a number of educational games available and you can read about them at Educational Nintendo DS Games. Moreover for a list of child friendly Xbox 360 games please read Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids.


Addiction is not good but addiction to educational games can be considered good to some extent. Educational Nintendo Wii games have been helping students to learn some new things whenever they play the games.

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