Facebook game: Castle Age role playing game

Everyone has heard of the popular social networking game Farmville, which is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Farmville was created by Zynga, which also makes games including Fishville and Mafia Wars.

However, there is a new game that is rapidly gaining popularity. Castle Age is a role-playing type game. Players each game cash, purchase and play different characters with different abilities, and do quests and battles. Players can battle other real life strangers, or work together with their friends to complete difficult missions.

Earning Money

Players can earn in game money several ways. Beginning players will make most of their money through quests. As players level up and learn the game, they can participate in battles with other players. The winner gets money, but the loser loses that amount of money (but can never have a negative balance). Higher level players can engage boss fights, or help friends with boss fights and battles. Every quest gives money as a reward, and each turn in a battle or boss fight gives cash.

All players have a treasury where they can stash their money. This protects it from being lost in battle to other players. Players can also purchase land with their cash. For as little as $5,000 cash, they can purchase a tower. Every hour, the tower nets the player $100 cash. After a period of 50 real-time hours, the tower will have paid for itself and the player will start profiting. Higher paying land and buildings can be purchased with more money. A good strategy is to start buying land as soon as a player starts getting excess cash, since the revenues will start building up even if they player isn’t actively playing.

Experience and Levels

As in most RPGs, players earn experience, or xp, which promotes their character to a higher level. With higher levels come stat points that players can use to improve attributes. Quests use up a predetermined number of energy points, and reward the player with xp. Battles and Monsters use a predetermined number of stamina points, and also reward a player with xp. As players get to higher levels, it takes more and more xp to level up.

Upgrading Stats

As players earn stat points, they can choose how to allocate those points to increase their attributes. Each increase in level gives the player 5 stat points. Stat points can also be earned by completing all steps in a quest and getting achievements. The attributes get depleted by doing certain attributes, but every 5 minutes 1 point for each attribute gets replenished. Players will need to be patient and allow their attributes to build up before they can do more in-game activities.

The five types of attributes are energy, stamina, attack, defense, and health. Upgrading stamina requires the use of 2 stat points, but the other attributes only use up 1 stat point each. Players can custom tailor the use of their attributes to suit what type of player they are. For example, since energy is used for completing quests, a player who likes to quests should allocate most, if not all, stat points to energy.

Castle Age is a fun Facebook app that allows people to play something completely different than Farmville. Players can interact with friends, earn money, and customize characters. Castle Age is becoming more and more popular, and will quickly be a household name.

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