Fallout: New Vegas hardcore mode guide

Hardcore mode is an immersive new setting that developers Bethesda have implemented in their newest game, Fallout: New Vegas.

In the game, players do not heal or de-radiate instantly via meds (it takes time), players’ companions can permanently die, ammo has weight, broken limbs don’t heal via stimpacks (only through doctors and doctor’s bags) and players will need to ensure that they eat, sleep and drink liquids on a regular basis to stay healthy.

Surviving New Vegas’ Hardcore Mode

First off, players need to remember that the New Vegas hardcore mode should be played only by those who want an extra challenge. Although this guide will give you the tips you need to survive it, players need to be ready for a bit of an extra challenge.

The most important thing to remember when playing hardcore mode is to be prepared. Always leave extra room for water, food and ammo. Don’t count on finding some always in the field. Although the Fallout: New Vegas hardcore mode won’t punish you too badly for being dehydrated, hungry or tired, it still can take its toll, especially in ways you won’t notice too easily.

However, leave room for lots of doctor’s bags! Having an injured body part is very debilitating and some enemies’ weapons will quickly and constantly damage your limbs. Buy all the doctor’s bags you see, because they are fairly rare.

To make sure you have room for ammo, only pick up what you need, and don’t immediately convert all of your drained cells or ammo shells into ammo as soon as you can. Recycle ammo at workbenches when you need it – no sooner, otherwise you’ll have loads of ammo taking up space.

Fighting changes drastically in the New Vegas Hardcore mode since you don’t heal instantly – stocking up on stimpacks won’t make you invincible. Be tactful, use cover and make sure you don’t get surrounded. If any enemy gets near, dispatch them quickly, so you can run and hide to heal if you need to.

Some Final Hardcore Mode Tips

Here are a few final Fallout hardcore mode tips to always keep in mind!

  • Sleeping in an owned bed gives you a well rested bonus (+10% experience)
  • Remember, aside from stimpacks, almost all food and liquids will heal you too!
  • If companions die, it’s not too big of a loss, as there are 9 of them (and many other temporary companions).

Good luck out in the wasteland, hopefully this guide will help you stay hardcore!

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