Fingerzilla for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Videogames are known to be a great stress reliever. There are few titles for the iPhone that provide as much stress relief “bang for the buck” as Fingerzilla. In fact, this title may well put the psychiatry industry out of business.

Developed by Inert Soap LLC, Fingerzilla allows the user to destroy virtual cities with a tap of a finger. Successive taps bring destruction to buildings, trees, vehicles, and even people. Despite the simple premise, the game also provides a good measure of depth and replay-ability.

Fingerzilla for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Features

  • Destroy Virtual Cities using Finger Taps
  • Six Different Locations
  • Bonus Points for Crushing Stockbrokers and Tax Collectors
  • Additional Game Content Available Through In-App-Purchase
  • Support for the OpenFeint Social Gaming Network

Virtual Destruction as Supposed to a Psychiatrist Visit

The user begins their Fingerzilla career by completing the tutorial level. Various buildings and trees are spread across the cityscape. One finger tap damages a building, while successive taps ultimately destroy it, leading to a higher point total.

This seemingly-random destruction leads to frightened people running through the streets. Points are earned for crushing them; bonus points are earned if they are a special character like a stockbroker or tax collector. The same rules apply to the vehicles that race around the city streets.

There is a PanicMeter at the top of the screen. As it reaches higher levels, more points are earned for each act of mayhem. There is a time limit for each Fingerzilla level, but time bonuses are occasionally earned by performing various combos. If a certain destruction level is achieved, the next location is unlocked.

Fingerzilla’s Social Networking and DLC

Fingerzilla supports the OpenFeint social gaming network with leaderboards and a host of achievements to earn. OpenFeint is rapidly becoming the place to find the best iPhone gaming titles, including the top rank shooter, Buster Red, and the riotous Missile Command send-up, Earth vs. Moon.

The game also sports a robust amount of downloadable content, available through the iPhone’s in-app-purchase feature. The funniest of these add-ons is the Names Pack. It uses names from the iPhone’s contact list to allow one to crush friends and family in Fingerzilla. The pack also includes dead Presidents and other infamous historical characters. Other add-ons include extra levels and new “weapons” for the Fingerzilla character.

Fingerzilla is a blast to play, and it is a great way to kill a few minutes by causing mayhem and virtual destruction. Psychiatrist appointments are getting canceled all over the world!

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