Fish Word Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Tired of tending crops in Farmville and grilling up cheeseburgers in Café World? Then taking care of virtual fish in Fish World may be the next game to take on. While not as glamorous as farming or cooking, digital fish husbandry will eventually reap the rewards of a beautiful tank full of colorful tropical fish. All that’s needed is patience and the ability to come back many times a week. Below are a number of tips and tricks for a successful tank.

Fish Need to Eat

Fish can be handled one of two ways in this game: they can be fed so they grow into happy adults that visitors ooh and aah over, or they can be ignored. When that happens, visitors can watch as the fish slowly flip over and die. Best to feed them each visit or when they alert the tank owner via word balloon.

A Spic and Span Tank is a Happy Tank

Clean fish are content fish. Letting algae grown in the tank will reduce their happiness and, most likely, cause them to die (notice a trend here?). Luckily, a sponge is provided to scrub that tank down as much as possible. This not only keeps the fish alive for another day, but grants additional experience points to the owner. If cleaning the tank becomes tiresome during every visit then save money and gain additional levels to purchase an algae eating fish.

Multiple Visits are Appreciated

Like other social networking games, Fish World has time limits. For instance, coming back every six hours wins the tank owner a pre-determined amount of cash. There are also deadlines for feeding and taking care of fish. Miss one of those deadlines and there can be serious consequences to the fish, the tank, or both. Try to visit at least twice a day to feed the fish and do some cleaning, as this will earn the owner additional coins and experience points. If visits can’t be made that frequently…well, try a less time-constrained game.

Buy Fish, Sell Fish

Here’s the best way to make money in Fish World: sell fish. Yes, it took three hours to raise them to adulthood and they look very nice swimming around, but they aren’t going to do much other than look very nice swimming around. Selling them earns money that can be used to purchase some of the bigger fish. Including the algae eaters that will keep the tank clean. Subsequently, selling those bigger fish will garner additional funds for some of the prime selections.

Get Another Tank

While Farmville doesn’t allow the purchase of multiple farms, Fish World allows the owner to use more than one tank. In fact, multiple tanks can run at one time. The upside to this is more tanks mean more fish, which means more to sell and more money to make. The downside: maintaining multiple tanks. If handling one tank is a problem, then handling multiples may be quite the disaster. Think before acting.

Hire Friends and Visit Them FrequentlyLike the other games of Facebook, Fish World wants the player to make friends. The more friends the more opportunities to earn rewards. Plus, additional cash and points can be earned by cleaning their tanks and treating their fish to some snacks. If that’s not enough, friends can help revive the dead fish if there aren’t enough virtual dollars to save them. See, it’s nice to have friends!

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