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Oswego City Schools has created a large list of math games aimed at helping their students excel in math. Luckily, this resource is available to any student via the internet. The website is easy to use and contains a wide range of games covering several math skills. Simple skills such as counting by two’s and more complex skills like coordinates and multiplication are reviewed.

Teach a Kindergartner Math

By age five, most children are able to learn counting by 2’s or 5’s through simple songs and games. Oswego City Schools offers reinforcing games that are simple for the younger children yet fun and rewarding.

Students can complete counting by twos sequences by filling in the correct number on a ghost. Once it is correct, the ghost will fly to his home. An easy splat the number interactive game is also offered which allows the students to see the numbers in sequential order.

Help a First, Second, and Third Grader Excel at Math

The games are an easy and fun way to help a child who may be struggling with basic math skills. The games are colorful and rewarding. Children will see the patterns developed on the screen and the sound and colors will offer a struggling child a rewarding experience.

After reinforcing the skills learned at school, the site also offers timed tests. In Math Magician the student can select their ability level and the type of math needing to practice. There is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division offered. The test is timed and graded and offers an excellent way to improve math speed.

For a child that has excellent math skills or may be looking for a challenge it offers Power Lines problems. These are math based problems that offer an excellent challenge. The students must solve a problem in order to move to the next level, such as making the numbers given add up to a specific sum along all lines of a diagram.

Teach a Child to Tell Time

Finally, It offers a wide variety of time telling games. Some games work with “on the hour” time while others offer a challenge to stop the clock on a given time (this required hand-eye coordination). This is a great resource to help children learn the concepts of telling time.

Homework Helpers and Study Guides for Students

For some students, going back to school is an exciting time of the year. It’s a time to reconnect with old friends, share summer stories and look forward to new adventures and opportunities. While some look forward to going back to school, many children do not. Returning to school can be an anxious and nerve-wracking period for some children, especially for those children who struggle.

The Internet provides a wealth of helpful resources that can help children get a jump-start on the school year. The following websites offer helpful guides and resources for students of all ages.

Writing and Grammar Resources:

  • GrammarBook – GrammarBook provides information on grammar, punctuation, capitalization and rules for numbers. Great for all ages, the site also offers interactive quizzes and helpful videos.
  • Reference – offers an online dictionary, word of the day, daily crossword puzzles, word games and more. Be sure to visit the fun online game, Miss Spell’s Class, to determine what words are spelled correctly before time runs out!
  • OneLook – This helpful website searches many online dictionaries at once to find definitions and translations. The site is simple, clean and straightforward. A helpful reverse dictionary is also available at OneLook. Just type in a list of words or concept, click “Find words” and related words will be shown.
  • The Writing Center – This website offers all sorts of help for writing papers or articles. From grammar and punctuation help to how to cite references, this online resource is from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
  • MLA Formatting and Style Guide – The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is a style of writing many schools and institutions require. The Owl at Purdue has assembled a helpful guide for students and writers who are required to use the MLA style.
  • APA Style Guide – The American Psychological Association (APA) is a style of writing is often used in research papers in social sciences. Owl at Purdue also has an APA Style Guide. Different institutions and employers require different writing styles. This website includes a wide variety of information, including a tutorial on the basics of APA Style, which began in 1929.

Math Resources for Students:

  • AlgebraHelp – Many students struggle with algebra. This website offers all sorts of helpful resources including lessons, calculators and interactive worksheets for both teachers and students.
  • MathForum – The Math Forum, from Drexel University, assists students with a wide variety of resources that help improve math skills with interactive puzzles and problems. Students, teachers and mathematicians help students with problem solving in a fun and educational way. Get answers from Dr. Math, use various online math tools and check out the Problems of the Week, categorized by grade level.
  • BritannicaSmartMath – This website, designed for students in kindergarten through 8th grade, includes downloadable study guides, interactive math games, quizzes, visual aids and 35,000 unique math problems. This service is not free, although a free trial is available.
  • SOS Math – S.O.S. Math has over 2,500 pages dedicated to math. From Calculus and trigonometry, to complex variables and cubic formulas, this website is a valuable resource for math students.
  • The Internet is a valuable resource that provides a wide variety of educational tools for students of all ages. For more helpful resources for students, read Back to School Tools for Students.

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