Fun online word games for kids

Practice the alphabet, learn new words, and learn to spell with the free online games listed below. From hangman style games to fun word searches, the following Internet brain games offer a wide array of educational online entertainment for children.

Mini Clip Flip-Words – Flip-words is a fun game from Mini Clip website. Make words from the jumbled up letters to gain points and extra turns. To easily locate from the homepage, type “Flip Words” in the search box.

BBC CBeebies Fetch and Spell – This fun letter recognition game from CBeebies is for younger children. To play, pick a level of difficulty, pick a character and find the letters in the maze. Use the arrow keys or the mouse to move. 5 different levels are available. Fun!

Kewl Box Foul Words – Foul Words is an egg-citing game from the Kewl Box website. Create as many words as possible from the jumbled up letters before time runs out. Play “timed mode” for free game. To locate from the main page, click on the “Word” link, and “Foul Words”. Adobe Shockwave is required (free download).

PBS Kids Between the Lions Alphabet Soup – This fun game from the PBS Kids organization website is for younger children. Answer the sentence by unscrambling the words in the soup bowl. Type in “Alphabet Soup” in the search box on the homepage to easily locate game. Shockwave required.

Fun School Kaboose Word Clues – Word Clues is another fun word game from the Fun School Kaboose website. Place the letter tiles in the game board to spell nouns, pronouns or verbs, based on clues. To locate from home page, click “All Games” then the “Language Games” link on the left menu and click on “Page 4”.

Black Dog Miss Kitty Word Magnets – Just like the colorful magnets on refrigerators, this simple game from the Black Dog network website inspires creativity, reading and writing skills. To play, create a personalized story by rearranging the jumbled up words to form sentences. Other words can be added. To locate from home page, click on the “Miss Kitty’s Story Book” and “Word Magnets” links to play.

The Kidz Page Word Puzzle Game – This online game from The Kidz Page website is similar to the popular television game “Wheel of Fortune”. Spin the wheel, buy a vowel and more! To locate from home page, click on “Games” and “More Word Games” to find the link to this game.

Sheppard Software Brain Games Word Scramble – This fun word game from Sheppard Software is for older children or adults. Unscramble the words by moving them back in order to form a word before time runs out. Hints are available. To easily locate from homepage, select the “Brain Games” icon, and “Word Scramble” under the “Word Games” link

Hangman Games:

Fun School Kaboose Cliffhanger – This fun online game from the Fun School Kaboose website is similar to hangman and is sure to be a family favorite. Guess the word to climb the mountain.
The Kidz Page Beginners Guess the Word Game – This fun hangman game from the The Kidz Page website is for younger children. Guess the word before the worm disappears. To locate this word game from homepage, click on “Learning”, “Online Games” and “Hangman for Beginners” links to play.

Build-a-Bear Dress a Bear Word Puzzle – This online hangman game from Build-a-Bear is not only fun, but is visually stimulating as well. Mascot Bearemy and furry friend Pawlette are going to a party and need something to wear. Help them dress in party style by guessing the right letters to make a word. But if a wrong letter is chosen, a piece of clothing must be deleted from the clothes line. To easily locate Dress a Bear from the homepage, click “Games” and “Games” again. How fun.

Word Search Games:

The Kidz Page Free Kids Games School Daze Word Search Game – Find the school words from the list provided in this fun online game from The Kidz Page website. To easily locate from homepage, click on the “Games” icon, “More Word Games” and “School Daze”.

World Almanac for Kids Word Search Group of Animals – This online word search game from the World Almanac for Kids website focuses on animal words. To locate this game from homepage, click on the “Games” icon, and “Word Search Group of Animals”


Lattice Works Roxies ABC Fish – This free download from Lattice Works is an educational game based on the classic “Go Fish”. Children not only have fun, they learn their letters and numbers too.

Your Child Learns Letter Sounds – Owl and Mouse Educational software listed on the Your Child Learns website offers free downloads for young children. Letter Sounds is a wonderful game for young children who are learning the alphabet and the corresponding sounds each letter makes. This game can also be played online.

The online letter recognition and word games listed above offer non-stop family fun and child-friendly entertainment for kids of all ages.

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