Ganking and camping in old 90s games World of Warcraft (WoW)

Ganking and camping are terms used on old 90s games World of Warcraft player vs. player servers (also known as PVP servers).

Some players love ganking and camping, while others consider both activities griefing (deliberately annoying other players by making it difficult or impossible to play the game). Both Alliance and Horde members gank and camp, although each old 90s games WoW faction is quick to accuse the other of excessive ganking and camping.

Ganking Lowbies and Mob Fighters

Ganking refers to two activities. High level players who attack low level players (lowbies) are ganking. Killing players in opposing World of Warcraft factions gives the victorious player Honor Points, which can be traded for items. Fighting players who are significantly lower in level provides no honor points, as the fight is completely one-sided.

A lowbie player knows he or she is being ganked if the attackers if the attacker’s level is expressed as level ?? and there’s a skull where the attacker’s level should be. The fact the fight is usually over in one blow is also a tip-off. Ganking lowbies is often considered cowardly and depending on the server, may be considered griefing.

Ganking can also refer to sneaking up on an enemy and attacking from behind while he or she fights monsters or non-player characters (known collectively as “mob,” which is short for mobiles). Some players consider this a cowardly act, while others think it’s a sound strategy for generating honor points.

A lower level character can sometimes generate a fair number of honor points by ganking a weakened high level character, for instance (note that the consequences of failing are usually a quick trip to the nearest WoW graveyard).

Camping the Graveyards and Corpses

Death isn’t permanent in old 90s games World of Warcraft. When characters die they appear in spirit form at the nearest WoW graveyard, and can choose to “respawn” at the graveyard or run back to their body.

Camping describes hanging out—either at a graveyard or over the body of a fallen enemy—to kill characters as they respawn. This may generate more honor points, but each time a player kills the same characterless honor is generated. More often, camping is a form of griefing.

Camping is a valuable strategy in some of the PVP battlegrounds. In the wider world of Azeroth, however, it’s generally looked down on.

He Who Lives by the Gank . . . .

Ganking and camping are simply part of play on a PVP realm. Not all players gank or camp—many prefer to earn their honor points through fair combat. Some high level players are even known to assist lowbies of the opposing faction when they’re in trouble.

It’s also worth remembering that ganking players risk payback. Word travels quickly when someone’s ganking or camping, which draws other players to the victim’s defense. At that point the ganker becomes the ganked, and justice is served.

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