How to become a rich farmer on Facebook’s Farmville

If you own a Facebook account, very likely you may have grown intrigued by the several applications offered by this website for the purpose of entertaining. Among the many interactive games available on Facebook, Farmville deserves a place of honor because of its fun graphics and originality. Very likely, you will discover the inner farmer hiding in yourself by playing this addicting and entertaining game.

It is important to note first of all, that the farming profession requires lots of patience and tender loving care. Neglect your crops for a couple of days and you may come back to a dry miserable field. Of course, this will affect your earnings as well. In order to be a rich farmer on Farmville, you will need to be a bit savvy about your crops and think well before deciding what to plant. Following are some helpful tips that should allow you to expand your fields and make a decent living.

Plan Your Crops Carefully

Farmville is a great game, but requires a little commitment. While in nature, it may take months or years to harvest, in the virtual world of Farmville you can see your crops grow within a few hours. If you work full-time therefore, you want to make sure you have time to cater to your crops. Leave the strawberries for your week-end as these mature in as little as 4 hours. Opt instead for trees which take days to yield fruits or better, put some farm animals that will not require much maintenance.

Go with the Strawberries

If on the other hand, you have plenty of time on hand put lots of strawberries. These fruits will mature in as little as four hours allowing you to gain the beauty of 35 coins. As the game progresses start investing in raspberries, these will mature in as little as two hours yielding 46 coins. Blueberries on the other hand, may take a little longer but they are certainly worth the wait because they will produce 91 coins!

Build Plenty of Stables

While farm animals will not make you much rich they are fun to add. After all, what is a farm without no animals to run the show! The biggest advantage about farm animals is that unlike crops they do not require much attention. They just stay there and produce for you eggs, milk, truffles and more. Horses are one of the best choices because of the value of their hair.

Lend a Hand to Your Neighbors

Farmers like to help each other when they are busy harvesting. If you visit your Farmville neighbors they may have a task or two for you in exchange for some coins. So, pull up your sleeves, be generous and go rake up some leaves, clean the weeds or simply scare some pesky crows away. You will be rewarded with money and experience.

Expand Greatly Your Horizon

Bigger fields of course translate into bigger earnings. You may have noticed that some of your neighbors have bigger lots. How is this done? You simply need to know people. For instance, you can expand your farm to a 14×14 lot if you have at least eight neighbors. Have higher expectations? Then find 10 neighbors and you will be rewarded with a nice 16×16 lot.

Look For the Ribbons

Every now and then when you have the opportunity, try to visit your Facebook homepage and look if any of your friends have recently won any ribbons. You may be lucky to have the option of getting a bonus from them.

As seen, there are a lot of things you can do to turn your farming hobby into a serious business. Work hard and diligently, and with time, you will be rewarded with the very cream of the crop! Happy farming!

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