How to choose character type in Travian

Travian is a free massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game. When a player joins for the first time or starts an account on a new server, they will have to choose between three tribes: Roman, Gaul, and Teuton. Each of the three tribes has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The character type a person chooses may depend on their in-game goals, the type of gamer they are, or just trying a tribe that they had not previously selected.

Roman Characters in Travian

Romans are one a popular character type because of their balance between offense and defense. This balanced strategy can be difficult for beginners, but has benefits to more experienced players. One benefit to a developing player is that Romans can simultaneously improve a resource and build something within the village. The Roman infantry is very strong, providing troops that are excellent to raid or defend.

However, Travian is a war game at the core and training troops as a Roman can be very expensive. This can lead to an early disadvantage, as Teuton neighbors may be able to amass an army faster. Romans also have a weak city wall and poor defense against cavalry units.

Gaul Characters in Travian

The Gauls are Travian’s most defensively-oriented tribe. Their cranny protects twice as much as the other two tribes’ crannies will. Gaul units are the fastest in the game, allowing them to move to reinforce other villages quickly. Settler units are also slightly cheaper than the Roman or Teuton versions, allowing Gaul players to build new villages more quickly.

On the other hand, the Gauls have a more difficult time developing an offensive strategy. This can cause difficulty as they will not bring back as many resources through raiding as the other two tribes. Siege weapons are particularly expensive for the Gaul.

Teuton Characters in Travian

Many players suggest choosing Teuton is best for experienced players. However, what this tribe is really best at is offense, so Teuton players tend to be Travian’s aggressors. Most of their resources are gained by raiding their neighbors, as they can build an army quickly. This tribe provides the fastest training time for troops. Also, enemy crannies will only protect 2/3 of the total amount when a Teuton raiding force arrives.

Teuton cities are fairly weak in defense and it takes time to build up city structures and resources. Teuton troops are less organized of a military power, which leads them to be slower than the other two tribes. The earth wall that protects their city provides a very small defensive bonus compared to the Roman city wall.

There is no one “best” tribe in Teuton. Most players select a tribe based on whether they want an offensive, defensive, or combined strategy. Because servers reset on a regular basis, there is an opportunity for players to try all three and see which strategy they enjoy the best. Many guides exist for each tribe on the forums, so new players may want to read them once they have made their decision on which tribe to play.

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