How to earn more money on Facebook’s Yoville

Earning YoCoins – The Basic YoVille Currency

YoCoins are the basic currency of YoVille. They are used to purchase furniture and decorations for apartments, clothing, music or even a larger home. YoCoins are easy to earn, with a large number of activities paying them out.

  • Visiting Friends – Having friends on YoVille is an easy way to earn extra YoCoins. Simply visit friends in their apartments and perform an action, such as joking, fighting or leaving a message. YoVillians can only earn coins for 20 unique friend visits a day.
  • Working – The other basic way to make YoCoins is to go to work at the factory in the upper left-hand corner of the map. Four work options are available, offering a variety of YoCoins, YoPoints and bonuses. Players can only visit the factory once every six hours.
  • Larger Crew – The more members a player invites to their crew, the larger bonus they receive when working at the factory. Players can invite all friends that already play YoVille, plus anyone else from their Facebook friends list that may be interesting in joining.
  • Speedway – The YoVille Speedway is a racing game. Winning a race will net 10 YoCoins. Click the left mouse button to gain speed, but do not click while over oil slicks or the player will fall. Only 20 wins from games are paid out each day.
  • Fishing – Fishing can be found just behind the apartments on the main YoVille map. The fishing competition is a race to catch the most, and largest, fish during a three-minute time span. The winner receives 10 coins, plus a bonus if they catch the pearl.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe and Rock Paper Scissors – Click on other players who are online to find the option to play games against them. Winning at either game will earn 10 YoCoins, while a draw will earn 5.
  • Purchase YoCoins – YoVillians who are in a hurry and have some extra cash can purchase YoCoins using either PayPal or a credit card. The smallest amount available for purchase is 5,000 YoCoins, costing $10. Click the “Buy More YoCash” option to purchase YoCoins.
  • Visit – offers players more information about the game, as well as the opportunity to hunt for pots of gold on other player’s profiles.

Getting YoCash to Buy Rare Items

YoCash is more difficult to acquire than YoCoins. It is required to purchase many of the rare and collectable options. Unlike YoCoins, YoCash cannot be traded with other players. However, most items that are purchased with YoCash are tradeable. The simplest way to acquire YoCash is to purchase it. Five dollars will purchase $25 of YoCash, with discounts for larger purchases. The purchase options are the same as with YoCoins.

The other method for getting YoCash is to complete offers and surveys. YoVillians who choose this method should scrutinize the information carefully. Many of the surveys that seem simple are actually methods of collecting personal information and distributing it to their partners. Higher paying offers typically require a purchase, while free offers pay less but will not need a credit card number. There are several important factors to think about before completing offers.

  • Research Offers – There are also many threads available on the forums offering advice about the best free offers.
  • Limit Personal Information Given – Set limits before handing over addresses and phone numbers. Think about whether the YoCash is really worth providing your personal details.
  • Use “Junk” Email Account – Free offers all still require an email account. Players should use an account that is set up specifically for use on websites. Some offers will result in spam.
  • Get Parental Permission – All players under the age of 18 should talk to their parents before completing offers.
  • Check Before Buying – Players who are intending to sign up with companies such as Netflix, Gamefly and DirectTV should check the offers on YoVille before they do. Companies like these often have offers available.

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