Mafia Wars Basics: Fighting

One of the most common methods of progression in retro Mafia Wars is fighting. There are various ways to accomplish this; all are effective in combating your enemies in your rise to power. Loot, experience points, victory coins, and money are the spoils of winning these fights. Mafia Wars – Las Vegas also has the fight club tournaments, which allow players to compete against each other for cash and prizes. There are also achievements to be earned for your successful campaign. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready for some fighting around the world in Mafia Wars.

How to Start a Fight

Inciting a fight in Mafia Wars can be accomplished numerous ways. A player can select the “Fight” tab on the Mafia Wars console. A list is shown where the potential targets can be viewed. The title, profile name, current level, character class, and mafia size are displayed and the “Attack” button. After deciding which opponent to attack, users can then click the “Attack” button on the far right of the character information. Also players can select the profile of the opponent, upon making this selection; a profile view of the enemy opens up.

Types of Attacks

In the profile view there are seven options or methods to attack. Each type of attack fits within the framework of a strategy. Developing a strategy to attain a goal by force and ‘persuasion’ is the point of the game.


Attack – This is a single attack against the opponent, both the individual and combined forces of the player’s mafia are factored into the offensive. When matched against the defensive values of the intended target and their combined mafia’s defensive strength, the outcome of the attack is determined. This is the same action as selecting the “Attack”: button from the previous page.

Power Attack

Power Attack is the next selection on the list. A Power Attack is five attacks combined to compound the results of battle. The power attack can be devastating to the enemy or the attacker depending on the outcome of the battle.


Rob is the next option on the fight page. As the term implies, this option allows the player to attempt the robbery of an enemy’s properties for experience, cash and/or loot. The success or failure of the attempt is determined by the attacker’s offensive robbing values versus the defender’s defensive robbing values. These values are shown upon the completion of the attempt, and the success or failure of the attempt is displayed.

Sucker Punch

Sucker punch is the next option on the fight list. The sucker punch is intended to provoke and annoy the opponent. It is a cheap shot which does little damage. No experience is gained from the sucker punch, but the attempt is always successful.

These are the fundamental basics concerning fighting in Mafia Wars. Remember that mafia size or crew size plays a significant factor in the outcome of the battle. Players can utilize the combined strength of 501 mafia members when going into battle. 501 is the maximum allowed. The combination of the offensive and defensive totals determines the outcome of the fight encounter in Mafia Wars.

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