Mass Effect 2 tips for Adept Class

Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 is a science-fiction adventure played on the PC and the Xbox 360. There are six classes to choose from when you start the game and the choices made will dictate what kind of strategy you will need to be effective while playing Mass Effect.

Players can choose from the Adept, the Infiltrator, the Vanguard, the Sentinel, the Engineer or the Solider. Each has a unique playing style. Here’s how to excel as the Adept.

Mass Effect Adept Skill Choice

As the game advances, players are able to spend talent points on the abilities they find interesting. Although talent points can be reset, it is important to place some thought behind which skills are to be specialized in. A poor Adept strategy would be to choose all of the skills, but specialize in none.

A much better strategy for Mass Effect 2 is to choose two skills that are complementary, and place a lot of skill points into them. This way, the player can rely on those abilities as primary weapons, while using teammates and general use of the Mass Effect 2 combat system to account for shortcomings.

Team Member Choice as Mass Effect Strategy

Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox360, as well as on the PC, allows the gamer to choose two teammates when going on missions. Choosing the appropriate members is important when playing as the Adept. This is because, in Mass Effect 2, the Adept class is somewhat weak. The player will be unable to sustain direct damage for very long and occasionally, enemies will be out of range of biotic (magical) abilities.

The best teammates to choose are those that are able to sustain damage, such as a Soldier or a Sentinel. In this way, the player can use their Adept abilities to weaken and demolish enemies when possible, and rely on the heavy firepower and maneuverability of the sturdier classes to defeat those enemies that are either out of range or behind cover.

Effective Use of Cover in Mass Effect 2

The player uses cover to hide while engaging with enemies in Mass Effect 2. It is a central game-play element and proves to be incredibly fun. Because cover is a central game-play element of Mass Effect, one must use it effectively if attempting to beat Bioware’s game as an Adept.

The player should transition from point to point, using their abilities as necessary. Retreat to safety should not be forgotten, as it is a great way to recharge shields and biotic powers without risk of more damage. Patience is a great virtue to possess when playing the Adept.

Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 is a great game to play, especially as the Adept. Although the most fragile of classes in this Xbox360 game may represent a more challenging experience, it is definitely easier when keeping these things in mind.

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