Microsoft announces Xbox Series S, smallest Xbox ever

The Xbox Series S is on the way. Microsoft has just announced the gaming box and revealed it is the smallest Xbox ever. The digital gaming console is compact and packed in Robot White. It is equipped with the next-generation speed as well as ultra-performance.

In a blog post the gaming giant wrote, “Xbox Series S is also perfect for digital-first gamers and our fans who want to bring their games with them whereever they play.”

The tiny Xbox Series S is to support 1440p at frame rates up to 120 fps. It is to offer 4K and its hardware is accelerated by the technology of DirectX Raytracing. It features 512GB NVME SSD.

We will keep an eye on the launching and release of Xbox Series S. Meanwhile, let’s have a look to some of the great Xbox 360 games of previous decade for the holidays..

Fable 2

This action/RPG title lets players control their own destiny by performing various tasks and jobs and fighting various enemies. As players make decisions, they either grow into a pure, noble hero or a foul, evil anti-hero. Fable 2 is a deeply engrossing sequel to one of the best action/RPG’s the XBox has ever seen if not the best and it doesn’t disappoint.

Fable 2’s unique storybook-style narrative and deep gameplay makes it a must-buy holiday game for the XBox 360.

Gears of War 2

The most intense shooter on Xbox 360? Perhaps, because it sure is nerve-wracking to try and avoid being sliced in half by a chainsaw.

The sequel allows players to take on the fearsome alien species the Locusts by going underground and fighting them where they live. The co-op story mode is a blast with friends and perfect to play for hours on Christmas break.

Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2

These guitar, drum, and mic-based music games deserve to be mentioned together because it’s hard to go wrong with either of them.

They make the perfect holiday video game gift for Xbox 360 because they encourage team play and can provide more holiday memories for the whole family. Both have excellent song lists. The prices are steep for all the instruments but the games are so fun and refreshing that they’re worth it.

Fallout 3

This post-apocalyptic shooter/RPG hybrid has long been a PC game favorite but now one of its (already) most celebrated sequels has hit the XBox 360. If you want a thinking-man’s shooter, this is your game for the holidays.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

This game is a bit, well, camp in places, but that’s what to expect from a title based on these two franchises. That doesn’t make it any less fun, however. This is one of the most fun XBox 360 fighting games out there.

It’s a blast to play as the DC characters especially The Joker, who is as insane and cool as he was in The Dark Knight as well as others like Batman and Green Lantern.

And the MK characters are always fun to play as too. This game is a fun addition to any XBox 360 gamer’s library.

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