Noblegarden in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (WoW)

Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft players enjoy a good holiday. The world of Azeroth celebrates many events that are similar to real world events. Easter is celebrated with the holiday of Noblegarden, complete with chocolate egg hunts and turning players in bunnies.

Noblegarden Currency and Rewards

Around each race’s starting town players can find the festivities. Hidden amongst buildings and bushes will be small, colored eggs. Players must compete against other players to collect them, but they respawn pretty quickly. Inside each egg will be either a Noblegarden Chocolate, or a Noblegarden item, such as clothing, a pet, or shell fragments. Collecting eggs might also turn you into a rabbit for a short time. Noblegarden Chocolates are used as currency to buy limited time items from the Noblegarden vendor.

WoW Achievements

Players can complete several achievements that are only available during the holiday. Many of them involve wearing Noblegarden clothing to do certain things. Others involve turning party members, or being turned yourself, into a rabbit with the Blossoming Branch. There are also two achievements for eating first 25, then 100 Noblegarden Chocolates. Players may not want to do this since they’ll be eating money!

The meta-achievement and title “Noble Gardener” is achieved by completing a number of different achievements during Noblegarden. This achievement counts toward the “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement, which rewards the player with a violet proto-drake mount.

Noblegarden Quests

There are a few quests that can only be completed during the holiday event, one of which can be completed daily during the festival. The Spring Collector quests is to speak to someone at one of the Noblegarden sites. This quest can be completed before the daily quest The Great Egg Hunt, which is to collect 20 shell fragments, which are found in some Brightly Colored Eggs. The player is rewarded with gold, experience, and a Blossoming Branch.

Completing the quest A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket requires the player to turn in 10 Noblegarden Chocolates. As a reward, in addition to gold, the player receives an Egg Basket, which increases a player’s speed briefly, and only at the Noblegarden sites. This allows players to outrun other players to collect more Brightly Colored Eggs. However, if all nearby players have the Egg Basket, the bonus isn’t as special.

Since there is no daily boss fight, as there is during holidays such as Hallow’s End and Midsummer Fire Festival, Noblegarden is fun for players of all levels. Even low level players should be able to complete all the quests and achievements. The Noblegarden holiday is a way for all World of Warcraft players to have a little fun and try a little something different.

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