Parent’s guide to internet and gaming slang

Kids these days want to be online from a young age, even elementary kids are playing online cooperative style games that allow them to chat with other players. When kids are chatting back and forth online it is usually pretty innocent, but there are some things to watch out for that might mean a child is giving away more information than is safe.

Also, parents who can understand and text or chat and give it straight back to their kids open up a whole new level of communication with their children, one that kids are more likely to be receptive to as long as the parent doesn’t try to over-do it.

Internet Slang Terms Parents Should Know

These are some of the most commonly used internet slang terms that kids are likely to use, and that parents should recognize and be aware of.

BF/GF = boyfriend/girlfriend
BFF = best friend forever
BRB = be right back
GTG or G2G = got to go (“gotta” go)
IDK = I don’t know
AFK = away from keyboard
LOL = laugh out loud
Noob or n00b or other variation of the same = newbie, typically meant as as insult to someone new to the game, chatroom, or considered inexperienced in general
NMU = not much, you?
NM = nevermind
Warez = illegally obtained (pirated) software
W/E = whatever
WTF = what the f**k
thx = thanks
TY = thank you
YW = you’re welcome

Internet Slang Terms Parents Should Watch Out For

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These terms might be used to warn other chatters that there is a parent present, or to ask for or offer inappropriate messages or photos.

ASL = age/sex/location, sometimes presented as ASLRP or ASL(R/P) for age/sex/location/race/picture
CD9 = code 9 (parents are present)
GNOC = get naked on (web)cam
MIRL = meet in real life, sometimes presented as LMIRL for let’s meet in real life
NIFOC = naked in front of computer
MorF = male or female?
MOS = mom over shoulder
PAW = parent(s) is(are) watching
S2R = send to receive (as in, a photograph)
PIR = parent(s) in room
TDTM or TD2M = talk dirty to me
pron = porn

Parents Beware: List of Acronyms Commonly Used in “Sexting”

It’s not just the computer where kids might be sending out inappropriate messages. Text messaging capable cell phones have been the preferred tool that teens use for sexting, which is similar to phone sex, except kids can send pictures as well as text. Here are some of the common “sexting” terms to watch out for (caution: some of these definitions are vulgar and potentially offensive).

8 = oral sex
143 = I love you
cu46 = see you for sex
TYPO = take your pants off
IIT = is it tight? or it is tight
FMH = f* me harder W2F = want to (“wanna” ) f*
WYCM = will you call me
DUM = do you masturbate
GNRN = get naked right now

Kids use all types of letter and number combinations to represent different phrases, and often invent new combinations on the move. Talking to kids is still the best way to communicate with them, but sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who speaks the same language.

If kids are engaging in risky activities, it is best to show understanding as well as disapproval, and explain to them why what they are doing is dangerous. With a little understanding and a lot of vigilance, parents can overcome the risks that technology presents to the innocence of their children, and create a safe and entertaining environment in which to enjoy it.

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