Plants Vs Zombies strategy on WorldWinner

Plants Vs Zombies is a wildly popular tower defense game by PopCap Games. The downloadable game has a number of levels that are completely playable in the free version, with more levels and more modes of play available after purchasing the full version. Now there is another way for Plants Vs Zombies lovers to play the game and totally new strategies are needed for this type of gameplay.

How Plants Vs Zombies is Different on WorldWinner

Playing Plants Vs Zombies on WorldWinner is similar to playing Adventure mode in the downloadable version of the game, but WorldWinner pits different players against each other, awarding points for each zombie that is killed, taking points away for every plant that is lost, and awarding a time bonus for players who chose to “Send Next Wave” to send more zombies their way faster. The point system is completely different from the downloadable game, where the only goal is survival.

There are no lawnmowers at the end of each row of the lawn to act as a backup in case the zombies eat their way through the plant defenses. If a zombie wanders off the left edge of the playing window, the game is over. Players can build their strategy by playing practice games on WorldWinner for free before playing cash games in an attempt to win the cash prize for getting the most points.

Plant Vs Zombies Strategy: Plant Selection

The WorldWinner version of Plants Vs Zombies includes only nine plants for players to choose from: Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry Bomb, Wall-Nut, Potato Mine, Snow Pea, Squash, Chomper, and Jalapeno. Players select seven of these nine plants to use in their game, of which one must be the sunflower. Players have 30 seconds in which to choose their plants, after which time the default selection will leave off the chomper and the jalapeno.

Strategically, the default plants are the smartest choices due to their abilities and their cost in sun. Chompers, while effective in the downloadable game, are too expensive in this time-limited version. Some players may opt for the jalapeno instead of the cherry bomb if they have a tendency to let the pole vaulting zombies jump over plants they would rather not have eaten.

Plant Vs Zombies Strategy: Planting the Defenses

The most important part of Plants Vs Zombies WorldWinner strategy is to plant two rows of sunflowers as quickly as possible. Three sunflowers should be planted before anything else. A potato mine should be planted in the row where the first zombie appears. There should be enough time in most games to plant two more sunflowers before a pea shooter is required. Players who misjudge this can easily use a squash to take care of zombies that get through an undefended row too quickly.

Most players should be able to plant two rows of sunflowers and a row of peashooters before the first big wave of zombies arrives, heralded by a pole vaulting zombie. Place the first snow pea in whatever row the first pole vaulting zombie appears. Potato mines can be placed in rows without snow peas where bucket head zombies appear. Squash can be effectively used in rows without snow peas that are being accosted by pole vaulting zombies, who will jump over the squash before being squashed by it.

Wall-nuts can be used to slow down zombies who make it too quickly toward the plant defenses, but players should remember that each plant lost, even a wall-nut, is a loss of 20 points, so wall-nuts should be placed as far left as possible to protect the other plants. Using the shovel to dig up a misplaced plant also results in a 20-point loss, so plants should be placed carefully.

Plant Vs Zombies Strategy: The Time Bonus

There is no timer visible on the WorldWinner version of Plants Vs Zombies, but a time bonus is calculated based on when players click the Send Next Wave button in the top right corner of the playing window. Send Next Wave will start sending more zombies shambling across the screen, earlier than they would normally appear. A player who does not use the “Send Next Wave” button and completes the game without losing any plants will get a score of 10,000 points. When using the “Send Next Wave” button, it is possible to get more than 10,000 points.

Strategically, it does not make sense to send more zombies across the screen before at least the peashooters and snow peas are in place, as the zombies will only end up eating the plants. Therefore, most players will let the first three flags pass before hitting the Send Next Wave button. The time bonus is not awarded based on how early in the game the button is pressed, but how much time remains before the next flag would pass. It doesn’t make much sense to click the button when the next flag is imminent, but after the second to last flag passes is the perfect time to send the final wave of zombies down and use a cherry bomb to take out most of them in one shot.

Plants Vs Zombie strategy is much different when playing the online game version on than strategy for the downloadable version, but it can be challenging and rewarding to see how you measure up with other players. It can be ghoulishly fun to play Plants Vs Zombies online at WorldWinner.

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