Pokémon Dragon type strategy guide and analysis

The Dragon type is a rare type in the Pokémon games. As far as a type is concerned, Dragon offers some good resistances for defensive purposes, but it’s only strength offensively is against itself. Despite that, Dragon attacks are only weak to Steel, so it’s an excellent type to use offensively.

Dragon Pokémon’s strength is in their enormous stats, making them effective against most types. But, Dragon types have one big, obvious weakness (Ice), and their rarity and slow level-up makes them a challenge to use. Read this beginner’s guide on Pokémon types to learn more about the Dragon Pokémon type.

Dragon Type Pokémon FAQ

What are Dragon Pokémon attacks strong against?

  • Super-effective (x2): Dragon
  • Weak (x0.5): Steel

What attack types are strong against Dragon Pokémon?

  • Super-Effective (x2): Dragon, Ice
  • Resistant (x0.5): Electric, Fire, Grass, Water

What attack types are strong against Dragon/Flying Pokémon?

  • Super-Super-Effective (x4): Ice
  • Super-Effective (x2): Dragon, Rock
  • Resistant (x0.5): Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water
  • Super-Resistant (x0.25): Grass
  • Immune: Ground

What are some common characteristics of Dragon type Pokémon?

  • Huge Stats
  • Dragon/Flying a common dual type
  • Takes much longer to level than most Pokémon

General Hints and Tips on Dragon Type Pokémon

When it comes right down to it, it’s really hard to screw it up with a strong Dragon type.

Offensively speaking, Dragon attacks are only super-effective against Dragon types, but only Steel resists it. So, while Dragon attacks may not offer multiple strengths, the large amount of Pokémon that cannot resist it makes it very strong offensively.

As far as defenses are concerned, the Dragon type resists all element-based attacks (Electric, Fire, Grass, Water). However, almost all Dragon types hold an unfortunate x4 weakness to Ice attacks, which is devastating even for a Pokémon with enormous stats. Also, since most Dragons are Dragon/Flying, Rock is also of concern.

Assuming the Ice weakness can be avoided, Dragons dominate. They resist strong types, and typically offer a wide variety of attacks to deal with numerous types.

Dragon Type Pokémon – Dual Types

Pure Dragon type Pokémon are rare and are mostly just Pokémon before their fully evolved states (Dratini/Dragonair, etc). The most common type combo is Dragon/Flying, but Dragon also extends to Dragon/Ground, Dragon/Water, Dragon/Psychic, Dragon/Ghost, and Dragon/Steel.

Perhaps the best of the dragon combos is Dragon/Water, which is only weak against Dragon attacks. But only Kingdra and Palkia share this type combo.

The most common dual type, Dragon/Flying, has that pesky x4 Ice weakness, and a x2 Rock weakness, both of which are fairly common.

Most other Dragon combo types are only available to Legendary Pokémon.

Strong Dragon Type Pokémon

All of them. Really, almost every fully-evolved Dragon type destroys most competition with a good moveset.

Without mentioning Legendaries (as Legendary implies immense power, making it redundant to mention), the following are some truly powerful Dragon types: Dragonite, Salamance, Kingdra, Garchomp.

But really, listing powerful Dragon types is somewhat pointless, as all Dragon types are at least above average. Even Altaria and Flygon are good in their own right.

Advanced Dragon Type Pokémon Strategies

Once upon a time, the Dragon type had nothing but weak attacks. Not to say Dragon Pokémon were weak (far from it), but the Dragon type had but few Dragon moves, and most weren’t very strong (like Dragonbreath).

Now, Dragon types benefit from much more powerful attacks. Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, and Outrage are all very strong Dragon-based attacks, and made even more strong when used in conjunction with Dragon Dance, a boost move that raises attack and speed.

Most Dragon types are fairly straightforward. Simply learn as many strong attacks as possible, along with Dragon Dance to boost attack and speed, and maybe even Rest or Roost to regain HP. Dragon types typically focus on raw power, so they’re best when used offensively. If focusing on using a strong Dragon attack for sweeping, just make sure to learn something to counter Steel types (Ground, Fire, Fighting).

It’s worth reiterating that Ice is a severe weakness for most Dragon types, so watch out for all Water and Ice types, but also be wary that some other types, such as Psychic, may have an ice attack like Ice Punch or Ice Fang.

Also, for Dragon/Flying, Rock types will be problematic, as will strong Fighting Pokémon with a strong Rock attack.

Dragon Type Pokémon Conclusion

Dragon type Pokémon are some of the most powerful in the game, but they carry significant weaknesses. Being aware and cautious of those weaknesses is the key to victory when using the Dragon type.

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