Powerlevel with WoW Gold without going broke

The real life recession has caused people to greatly increase their savings rate. The same thing should be done while in Azeroth and Outland as well. It does not take much gear to kill mobs. Quest gear that is ten levels old is almost always good enough as long as one’s talent specialization is reasonable for DPS.

Other than repairs on gear, gold should never be spent.

As a player powerlevels to level 70 on their way to level 80, the gold that is saved is needed for the epic flying mount and for the cold weather flying skill. The cost of these two items is over 6000 gold. Players who have previously played World of Warcraft sat at level 70 for over a year making gold during the Burning Crusade expansion to pay for mounts.

Unfortunately, new players whose first expansion is Wrath of the Lich King don’t have that advantage. The level 70 cash daily quests that used to exist in the Isle of Quel’Danas give an experience rather than money.

Quest Gear is Good Enough

There is no need to ever replace quest gear with gear from the auction house. As long as a character spends talent points on DPS, gear that is a few levels beneath the current level is more than adequate at killing non-elite mobs.

For many characters, it is not unusual to arrive in Outland with a piece of gear that was acquired before level 30. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. The goal is to level as quickly as possible, not to look good with enchanted blue gear at level 52.
As soon as a character arrives in Hellfire Peninsula, it will be helpful to complete the first few Hellfire quests as quickly as possible so that the gear can be upgraded to Outland quality. Mobs in Outland hit harder, so replacing old world gear with Outland quest gear needs to be done as quickly as possible.

Don’t Enchant the Quest Gear

Enchanting is very useful while leveling a toon. But it’s not useful to enchant leveling gear that will be thrown away within a day. Enchanting is useful to disenchant BOE green gear that is worth more as enchanting mats than as gear.

However, with BOE blue gear, carefully examine the stats to see if they’re worth more to a twink as gear than as enchanting mats. In many cases, the blue stuff should be sold in the auction house rather than disenchanted.

Use an Auction Toon

A common mistake many players make is to send their character to the auction house when their bags fill up. The round trip travel time to a capital city plus auction time could be much better spent leveling instead. Of course, the problem with full bags still has to be dealt with.

Send all items in the bags to an auction toon. The auction toon should be parked in a capital city at the mailbox closest to the bank and auction house. He will vendor all of the gray and white gear, and auction or disenchant anything green.

To save a lot of time in auctioning, an auctioning add-on such as Auctioneer should be used to automatically price and post auctions quickly. Cash will accumulate quickly as long as the temptation to buy gear is suppressed. Remember to save the money, because they will be needed to buy that expensive epic flyer at level 70.

The grind for WoW gold never ends. By employing strategies that save gold, it will lead to good savings habits at level 80 when cash dailies open up. The large price tag for mounts should be more than enough reason to never browse the auction house listings while leveling.

Why Does a Player Need World of Warcraft Gold?

As a player slowly gets to level 80,, the currency of choice is not gold but other tokens. Tokens such as champion’s seals, emblem of heroism, emblem of valor, battleground tokens, honor, and arena points replace gold as the most desired currency in the game to get new gear and otherwise get ahead.

It is very rare to find gear in the auction house for gold that is viable for anything other than being disenchanted for mats. But to ignore the need for WoW gold is folly for World of Warcraft players.

WoW Food and Mats

Buffs can be gained from food in almost every place in WoW. But unless the player wants to spend a lot of time gathering meat and leveling cooking, it is best to buy food from the auction house instead. For those who are raiding, most guilds require the player to carry sufficient amounts of food with buffs so that it can last for 3-4 hours and a few wipes.

Mats to create items such as bombs are not free. Just like food, they need to be gathered or bought from the auction house. If enchanting mats are needed, mats have to be gathered or bought as well. The list of possible mats goes on and on.

Making WoW Gold

Hopefully, the player has chosen to level two primary professions that are conducive to making money. But even if the player never adequately leveled two primary professions, the game provides players with lots of daily cash quests to be rewarded with cash rather than experience. Since players cannot gain experience upon reaching level 80, the compensation for completing daily quests is cash.

Do as many cash dailies as possible that are in close proximity to each other. If any of the dailies have a gathering component, make sure there is a 50% drop rate or higher for the components needed. Don’t travel halfway across the continent just to do one daily. Do only those that are nearby.

For some classes that have the ability to AOE such as paladin, there can be a lot of money made from farming lower level instances such as Stratholme and farming some mobs in general. If needed, create another DPS alt on the World of Warcraft account whose only purpose is to farm older instances and mobs.

It is easy to make World of Warcraft gold, but it is not easy to earn cash quickly.

If a player needs 2000 gold within 24 hours, the player is usually out of luck. There is no almost legal method of getting that much WoW money in such a short time. Because of this, it is important for players to spend some time making money every day to avoid this type of situation. World of Warcraft does not have a lending institution or loan shark.

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