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Dystopian, totalitarian governments parading as Utopian societies are nothing new in fiction. In fact, the premise is quite a popular one. How characters deal with these societies differ from story to story.

Some manage to cause a revolution and succeed, some revolt and fail, and some simply escape to try and make a better life for themselves, leaving the other denizens to their own fates. The flash video game Exit Path seems to follow a similar premise.

Game Background Information

Unfortunately, there’s little to no information on the creator of this game. His user name on Armor Games is John, and also goes by jmtb02.

In Exit Path, you play as a nameless, faceless individual who has either been incarcerated or is in some kind of holding facility. You have been chosen to participate in a gauntlet of survival that may or may not secure your freedom, as the government reserves the right to change the conditions of your release whenever and however they see fit.

The gauntlet consists entirely of deathtraps enclosed inside a stadium filled with eager spectators. If you manage to survive, you must then run a “post-test” in order to secure your freedom, if those in charge allow it at all.

The presence of government propaganda gives a dystopian vibe to the game, along with containing a bit of a twist vaguely similar to the one in Portal.

Game Play Information

This game is a platformer based on skill, especially timing. The stages get pretty difficult, and everything kills you in one hit. Obstacles may take several tries to conquer, though the gameplay may become easier through subsequent playthroughs of the game.

Every time you die, time reverses itself, like in Braid or other time manipulation games. Keep in mind that you can’t actually control time itself; it only rewinds when you die.

You can slide, however, which is a move commonly found in platforming games. There’s also a technique known as Flow, which speeds up the character, allowing them to move faster and jump greater distances. You can only use Flow by filling a meter to a certain point. Be cautious as to where you activate the Flow technique.

There is slight (slight) customization available for your character. However, it mostly consists of deciding the avatar’s color, their head gear, and if they’re wearing arm and leg bands.

There is also a multiplayer mode available as well. Unfortunately, I have not personally played it, due to not having a site account, so I cannot give an opinion of it.

Game Replay Value

As mentioned previously, the game may become easier during multiple playthroughs of this game, taking away the initial challenge. The game itself is not very long.

There may be replay value in the multiplayer mode, but again, I am unable to provide an opinion of it, since I can’t play it.

Game Overview

Exit Path is a fun, challenging little game. The story itself contains hints of the classic oppressive government premise, where citizens can be forced to run gauntlets of death for amusement. If you would like a challenging platformer in a short game, check this one out.

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