Retro games online – How much music rhythm games is enough amid COVID-19 lockdown

Retro games online – Retro rhythm games have exploded onto our gaming consoles in the last few months with old 90s games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Rock Revolution, being enjoyed by millions across the world amid COVID-19 lockdown period. Whether you play retro games online to get better and ultimately 100% that song that has been nagging at you for weeks, you just simply play to have a good time with some friends and have a laugh as you mash those plastic buttons!

However, in the past one decade or so there has been a massive influx of these retro games online in a continuous stream, in 2009 Activision released no less than six Guitar Hero games, and then DJ Hero and Band Hero on top of that! Not only does this over saturate the game and brand itself, but also other games around it like Rock Band with only limited retro games online released since 2007.

With more of these retro games online on the way amid COVID-19 lockdown and with a whole new set of peripherals to learn and adhere to, the questions are; will gamers buy these games, and continue to buy them? Have these games become overused and overplayed? Are gamers willing to spend their money on essentially the same game again? Or are we just simply feeding the pockets of the executives?

Creators of some of the old 90s games are planning to release the new peripherals with Rock Band 3. Supposedly these will bring a new way to play the game. The new guitar actually looks like a real guitar, with strings!

The general public has yet to see how it will work, but with the name being ‘Pro Mode’ you have to imagine it will not be for the faint hearted! With the inclusion of another peripheral- a keyboard and advancements on the drums, it could be possible Harmonix could make and bring out the best in future ‘guitar heroes’ and inspire many more on to taking up that real instrument, learn it and rock the world.

Not only are Harmonix looking to create future rock stars, but they also plan to create future dance stars with Dance Central- the new dancing game using Microsoft’s new ‘Kinect’ feature. With all these new creations, people see the Rock Band series as a fine wine that is opened on those rare occasions and brings that sparkle, whereas the Guitar Hero series is like a can of soda, being left open to go flat.

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