Review: Benefits of Facebook advertising

Facebook marketing is smart business; rife with earning potential for businesses large and small.

Facebook marketing offers business and website owners a flexible, profitable marketing platform; incorporating unique clicks from those most likely to buy whatever widget or service you are selling. This social media titan gets over 250 unique visitors per month, giving earning potential a new meaning, with a almost limitless market. From the multi-million dollar corporation to the mom and pop shop down the street, businesses of all shapes and sizes benefit from the Facebook phenomenon that has taken the Internet by storm.

The Ads are Cost Effective and Customizable

Facebook marketing puts business and website owners in the driver’s seat with options. They choose from pay per click or pay per impression campaigns; geo-targeting on a worldwide, national or regional level. Each click through or impression costs the company only a few cents, exponentially increasing marketing area compared to print or radio advertising. No matter which campaign the organization selects, the ads appear only on pages targeted to individuals with expressed interest in the items using keywords from their status updates and comments. This means that the ad is sent out to only those more likely to click and buy, because it’s all based on personal preferences.

Fan Page Marketing

Fan pages are undoubtedly the most effective advertising vehicle available to business and website owners. They cost nothing, are easy to administer and generate interest in a business or service. Facebook targets the ad campaign for a fan page like other ads by using keyword targeting, encouraging internet users to “like” the fan page, potentially building a following overnight.


From fan pages, businesses launch web promotions. “Facebook only” offers and deals geared to marketing to an existing fan base, increase the chance of page views, sharing and ultimately end up going viral. This valuable ‘word of mouth’ advertising costs nothing, and often acts as a catalyst for increased sales and profitability.

Sharing, Contests and Referrals

Business and sales are both a numbers game. The more people who fan a page or view an ad, the more likely a company is to expand its customer base and customer loyalty. Facebook marketing is easily integrated into a website, by adding a “like” button for your Facebook page, encouraging users to follow you on this social networking platform. Business owners even have the option to create a referral contest for fans and followers, creating a rewarding option when users share a website with his or her social network.

Engaged Audience

Social networking allows the input of consumers to be “heard” like never before. Happy customers and testimonials are the backbone of businesses; however, all of the customers on your Facebook will give glowing reviews. On the flip side, dissatisfied customers can also help improve social networking expertise and earn more business. As Facebook feedback is instantaneous, it gives business owners an opportunity to interface and resolve conflicts in a customer-centric approach, while the world is watching. If managed skillfully, individuals leery to do business with you, or who might be hesitating, are more likely to develop a higher opinion of your business practices based on witnessing conflict resolution and excellent customer service first hand.

The sheer volume of the expanded audience mixed with the potential return on investment allowable with proper Facebook marketing has made it a popular advertising platform among businesses and website owners the world over. The stronger your social presence as a business, the more far-reaching and visible your goods and services are to potential customers, and the higher your sales climb.

Ushering Small Businesses to Bigger Succes

The key to a small business’ success lies in how good its services/products are marketed and small business marketing consultants may just be the answer.

A small business marketing consultant is a person equipped with skills, knowledge and expertise on the business start up and management of small businesses. A marketing consultant possesses management skills backed up by some years of experience related to marketing. He or she could also have achieved mastery through continuing education or have simply made a name in the industry by means of his achievements. A consultant, in general, should have proper certifications and licenses before he or she start offering services as a consultant.

Basically, a small business marketing consultant coaches entrepreneurs and management teams of small businesses on how to go about their operations; starting from designing business plans to developing the marketing schemes, budgeting and analysis of the marketing strategies employed. Their services also include sound advice regarding feasibility and as well as future considerations. Marketing consultants are among the firsts that should be considered by small businesses because marketing focuses on the lifeblood of the business; the consumers and the company’s services or products. Marketing has always been concerned with product designing which includes packaging, labeling and of course pricing and so on. This is followed by product promotion using applicable tools such as public relations, advertising, and marketing communications.

A small business marketing consultant, therefore, is supposed to be knowledgeable, up to date with the latest trends in the industry, and have a network of contacts to collaborate with. The benefits of hiring a consultant, outweigh the cost and this is especially true for start-ups. Any businessman would relay that challenges have caught them unprepared at times which leads to mistakes such as wrong turns, premature expansion, and other panic reactions towards challenges. This is where a marketing consultant comes in. It is a misconception to think that larger businesses are the most in need of consultants. Small businesses require the interventions of a consultant more than any businesses because a business’ start up is a crucial period that needs to be tended in order to ensure success.

Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses

Small business marketing consultants have been in business ever since the word consultant was invented. Nowadays hiring a consultant is regarded as a wise decision for small business owners. Why? First, a small business marketing consultant have the expertise in identifying company glitches. For example, too much expenditure on irrelevant and ineffective marketing materials leads to more frustrations than a business owner can handle. Besides the fact that the ineffective marketing strategies are costly, it could also affect a company’s image and as a result, people could completely look right through the company and its services. Mediocrity and stale ideas could damage and probably bring any small business down even before it took a shot in playing big, something which could be avoided by hiring someone who has the expertise.

Second, hiring a so-called small business marketing consultant is a cost-effective approach to ensuring stability and profitability. Although consultant’s fees are higher than what is paid to a regular employee, the benefits of having a good decision maker among the team is still worth every penny. Furthermore, it helps bring some feelings of security that the company’s marketing branch is in safe hands.

Last, but not the least, a marketing consultant endows with an objective mindset that is much-needed in order to impose changes that will stir the marketing arm towards the better course, and he does it with a fresh third person viewpoint. It is hard for business owners to think out of the box especially when they are so into the box, whereas marketing consultants doesn’t have the attachments towards previous strategies, current problems, relationship with co-workers or subordinates that could blur his perspectives. This also, brings a marketing consultant in the position to teach the marketing manager and the staff and make orders to bring about better changes.

A small business marketing consultant is a company’s way of ensuring that there will be future for the business. Strengthening the marketing arm is like fueling an airplane; it will never get to where it needs to be going without enough fuel. Same thing, a company cannot fully take off and move to greater heights if its marketing strategy is a constant failure.

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