Star Wars Galaxies Muntions trader guide

Everyone knows that even though the Star Wars stories take place in a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the technology of the universe is several hundred years beyond that of our own. Sure, the droids, ships and buildings are nice to build, but far more important for the serious trader who wants to keep peace in the galaxy is the manufacture of armor and weapons. Star Wars Galaxies characters can make advanced weaponry by becoming a munitions trader.

Central to many of the trade skills in Star Wars Galaxies is the concept of reverse engineering. While it sounds like a complicated process, it is simply the method by which a completed item can be used to make the schematics necessary to that can be used by the droids are crafting machines. When a player has all the necessary materials, he must then understand the basic concepts for making armor and weapons in Sony Online Entertainment’s second mmorpg offering.

Making Armor in Star Wars Galaxies as a Munitions Trader

Armor is relatively simple to make in the game, but it must be made in segments and then linked into an armor core. The armors available can range from the fashionable padded to the functional composite armor worn by serious adventurers.

According to the Star Wars Galaxies wiki, looted items are currently superior to the items made by traders, although it notes that this might be corrected in a future patch. Experimenting on crafted weapons and armor increases the damage of the weapons and the protection offered by the armor.

Grinding as a Star Wars Galaxies Munitions Trader

The following list, adapted from the grinding guide on Allakhazam’s section of the site devoted to Star Wars Galaxies will help players become a master munitions trader.

  • CL 1 – 17: Survey Tools, Anything to Get to CL 18
  • CL 18-26: Armor and Weapons Subcomponents
  • CL 27-58: Advanced Weapon Components
  • CL 59-82: Advanced Recon Cores
  • CL 83-90: Continue with the Recon Cores and the Components Granted at 84.

Making Money with the Munitions Grinder Trade Skill

Although players will favor looted weapons over player made weapons, the armor is in demand among the denizens of the galaxy. Other things that can help the profitability are selling survey tools and using the forage commend to locate hidden treasure maps, according to Allakhazam. The player who wants to put in the effort to get to the highest levels of munitions trader will find himself rewarded once he gets to CL 90, but it is a long process. Grinding macros can make the task a little easier, but it will be dull and repetitive.

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