Tips for finding Firestone in “Pokemon: HeartGold Version”

In the Nintendo DS game, “Pokemon: HeartGold Version,” you can capture, train and battle Pokemon. Getting a Fire Stone makes this training process easier. The Fire Stone can be used to evolve a fire Pokemon to its next level. As a Pokemon evolves it becomes more advanced and therefore more skilled in battle. Using a Fire Stone is a quick and easy way to evolve your Pokemon, rather than spending much more time training you Pokemon through battles and trainers. There are multiple ways to acquire this item, throughout the game.

Step 1

Win points from the Pokeathlon Dome, by competing in a variety of events. The Pokeathlon Dome is located in Johto, just west of the National Park. You must select three of your Pokemon to enter the Dome. These three Pokemon will compete in up to ten events: Hurdle Dash, Lamp Jump, Ring Drop, Snow Throw, Relay Run, Block Smash, Circle Push, Pennant Capture, Disc Catch and Goal Roll. Go to the Pokeathlon Shop on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday and purchase a Fire Stone for either 2500 or 3000 points. The shop is located within the Pokeathlon Dome and you make a purchase by highlighting and selecting the item you wish to buy.

Step 2

Compete in a Bug Catching Contest, held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at the National Park. This is located just outside of the Pokeathlon Dome. Win the game by catching the best bug type Pokemon available, using one of your own Pokemon and 20 competition Pokemon, supplied by the park officials. Some of the best bug type Pokemon are Forretress, Pinsir, Venomoth, Scizor, Heracross, Yanmega, and Scyther. If you win this contest you may be awarded the Fire Stone as a prize.

Step 3

Visit Bill’s Grandfather, on route 25, at his house. His house is located in the far end of Cerulean City, towards the right. Enter his house. When he asks to see “a faithful Pokemon,” you must highlight and select either a Vulpix or Growlithe, from your list of Pokemon. When you show him this Pokemon, he will reward you with a Fire Stone.

Step 4

Go to route 36, located in the upper side of Johto. It is west of the Violet City, east of route 35, south of route 37 and north of the Ruins of Alph. Accept a battle challenge from Rematch Trainer, Alan, on Wednesday. Defeat his Pokemon in battle and then give him your phone number. Randomly, he will call you and present you with a Fire Stone. There is no assigned time for this call, it is completely at random.


The prize for the Bug Catching Contest is an Evolution Stone. There is no guarantee that it will be a Fire Stone, as this prize alternates randomly.

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