Tips to buy property in Mafia Wars game

The Facebook Mafia Wars game may appear to be all about robbing and other swashbuckling heroics but someone eventually has to pay the piper – literally. Funding all that vicarious and largely anonymous mouse-clicking aggression is a major part of the game’s overall strategy.

A significant portion of the filthy lucre that fuels all the fun is the product of a successful plan for how to buy properties in Mafia Wars to throw off buckets of excess cash that lets players afford the wildest and most extravagant weapons, armor and vehicles the game’s developers can imagine.

Mafia Wars Game Features Foolproof Property Structure

The actual nuts and bolts of buying property in Mafia Wars is straightforward and simple. Before developing a beachfront five-star hotel or casino, or even a lowly market or apartment building, players have to buy the right kind of property – the actual physical lot.

Mafia Wars won’t let premier properties be developed on abandoned lots in a run-down neighborhood. In its own tongue-in-cheek version of real-life zoning, Facebook offers four classes of undeveloped space that correspond with its 10 property choices. It sounds more complex than it really is in gameplay, and it’s impossible to make a mistake.

Each property may be developed only on a specific type of undeveloped space, and if a player tries to build a casino on anything other than a prime downtown lot the software issues a gentle reminder to buy the right kind of property first.

How to Buy Property in Mafia Wars on Facebook: Cheaply

The multimillion-dollar mega casino may appeal to a player’s ego and avarice – after all, who wouldn’t want to move in the same circles as the Trumpster? But the low-cost properties are where savvy players can make a safe and steady income.

In contrast with their real-life counterparts, there are no midnight calls to repair the plumbing or the furnace in the Mafia Wars versions of rental houses and apartment complexes. Rather, these downscale properties are worth their weight in gold for their risk averse characteristics. Frankly, they’re just not sexy enough to rob and it isn’t worth spending a stamina point on such a low potential return. Serious thieves look for big bucks and invariably target the five-star hotel or casino, leaving the lowly rental house alone.

The Best and Cheapest Property in Mafia Wars – Mafia Mike’s

Because it can’t be robbed, Mafia Mike’s Facebook property makes a perfect refuge for ready cash. In fact, smart Mafia Wars players buy a Mafia Mike’s every chance they get. And every time a player adds two mafia members, there’s another chance to buy another Mafia Mike’s.

Players who actively fight and rob prefer this property and develop an extensive franchise, even making it their only class of holdings in Mafia Wars. Why? Simple –if they have no other properties their foes have no other opportunity to extract a pound of flesh in retribution for an attack. When tagged members of Mafia Wars families go to war with a rival famiglia, it’s a common practice to divest themselves of all other properties and shelter as much cash as possible in more Mafia Mike’s.

These speakeasy joints also provide an excellent return on investment. While mega casinos can generate large amounts of cash, they actually return a smaller percentage on the sum invested.

Basic Strategies for Making Billions with Mafia Wars Property

A few other simple concepts will keep a player’s bankroll continually working, producing tons of disposable cash for new weapons, boosts and, yes, more property.

  • Stay fully invested. The bank in Mafia Wars pays no interest. The only way to earn money – aside from pulling jobs, robbing and fighting – is to buy property. Buy at every opportunity.
  • Buy a sacrificial five-star hotel and a mega casino. Why? They’re high profile properties that everyone likes to rob. These properties can actually help protect your other holdings by drawing fire from big shooters who want to get filthy rich on one heist. When they’ve been robbed, consider leaving them unrepaired and unprotected. There’s no more effective repellent for a larcenous mobster than a property that’s wrapped in police tape.
  • Concentrate on low-cost low-profile properties like rental houses, Italian restaurants and apartment complexes. They’re unattractive to potential thieves and, in high enough volumes, generate considerable revenues. They’re as low-risk as it gets, outside of the Mafia Wars Mafia Mike’s franchise.
  • Load up on undeveloped space. These basic lots do throw off income. It’s a low rate of return, but because there’s nothing there that can be robbed it’s low risk, too.

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