Tips to earn YoPoints to level up on YoVille

For players who have already mastered the basics of Zynga Games’ newest hit Facebook Application, YoVille, the next task might be to level up their character as quickly as possible. Many actions and free gifts are only available to players who have raised their level. A high level will also improve a player’s rank on their Friend Ladder, making leveling up a competitive event.

Ways to Earn YoPoints

To raise their level, a character must earn YoPoints. At the top center of the game screen is an indicator bar which displays the current level, current YoPoints and YoPoints to achieve the next level. When players first begin, they can move through the levels fairly quickly.

However, as the YoVillian grows, it takes more and more points to move on. There are several basic ways to earn YoPoints and increase a character’s level.

  • Visit Friends – Every day, players can visit up to 20 unique buddies to earn coins and points. Leave a message to make the most of each visit.
  • Purchase Items at Stores – Spending money at the stores on the main YoVille map will result in a number of YoPoints, depending on how much is spent.
  • Race at the Speedway – Every race a player wins at the Speedway will be rewarded with 25 YoPoints. Because up to 20 wins are possible, this is one of the fastest ways to earn points. However, racing 20 times per day can become tedious fast.
  • Work in the Factory – Assembling Fishing Rods earns YoVillians the most YoPoints. However, Weaving Fabric for Clothes earns more YoCoins. Because purchases are rewarded with YoPoints, this makes the two nearly even ways to level up.

Benefits of Leveling Up a YoVillian

As players unlock new levels, they gain access to new free gifts, actions and rooms in their apartment. Visiting the “Free Gift” section will allow players to see all the items they have not yet unlocked. Actions include poses that can be used to chat and have fun with buddies.

YoVille apartments are very basic when new players move into them. Enlarging your space requires leveling up almost all the way to the current maximum of level 50. Five main additions to the apartment are spread throughout the levels.

  • Guest Bathroom (level 5)
  • Hall of Friends (level 10)
  • Master Bathroom (level 20)
  • Guest Bedroom (level 35)
  • Swanky Balcony (level 45)

Also available is a Mystery Bookshelf. There are three pieces to this bookshelf, acquired at levels 23, 25 and 30. Once a YoVillian has all three parts, they gain access to a secret room. Visitors can only enter the room by joining the owner of the apartment.

New players can visit the official website of this one of the best old 90s games to find contests, message boards and other extras to enhance gameplay.

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