Video game system emulators

Buying all the gaming systems past and present for the games a person wants to play can be quite expensive. The older systems like the original Nintendo and the Sega Genesis need to be tracked down, while the latest systems like the Wii and the Xbox 360 can force a gamer to spend several hundred dollars.

There are solutions that bypass buying a lot of electronics. The Xbox can be modified, but this involves installing additional components or relying on an outside source. A far easier solution for a gamer with a Windows computer is to find video game system emulators. The Xbox and Xbox 360 emulators are the easiest to make because these systems closely resemble an Intel PC, but there is an emulator for almost every game console ever made.

Finding Video Game System Emulators

A user probably knows what games he wants to play and the video game system for which he needs an emulator. There are also emulators for arcade releases, such as MAME. MAME, which stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, can handle many of the ROMS roms for arcade games, and many NeoGeo games.

Finding Roms for Video Game System Emulators

There are many sites that have ROMs, but a user must make sure that the roms for his video game system emulators are in a language that he can read, lest he end up with the Japanese version of an older game. Not being able to read the text may not matter for fighting games or shooters, but being able to read the scrolling text is a must for strategy and role playing games.

Video Game System Emulator Controls

This is one area where the consoles have an advantage over video game system emulator ran on a computer. The controls of the original consoles are usually easier to manipulate. Games the require complicated keyboard input, such as Mortal Kombat, suffer the most when being run on a video game system emulator, but this is only a minor annoyance for games that do not really on complicated button combinations. Most video game system emulators support character movement with a PC joystick.

Legal Issues Involved in Downloading Old Video Games and System Emulators

From a legal standpoint, a person who downloads a ROM must own a copy of the original game. Many of the popular older console games are now being released for systems like the Game Boy Advanced Some older games are no longer in production, and if a user’s cartridge has gotten lost or stolen, downloading a rom will not cause any income loss. Video game system emulators should not be used to prevent the programmers, companies and designers from making money from their intellectual property.

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