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“World of Tanks” is a free MMO tactical and team based shooter. The player controls several tanks of different time periods beginning at World War 2

“World of tanks” is a FPS/3PS-Taktik-Shooter of The player controls a tank out of the 3rd-person view. He got a rich repertoire of tanks, assault guns and motorized artillery he can choose from. The tanks are split up in three weight classes:

  • Light tanks: reconnaissance, fast, weak fire-power, high visibility and good camouflage.
  • Medium tanks: general purpose vehicles, medium speed and medium fire power.
  • Heavy tanks: slow, very high firepower and thick armor.

Which nations are represented and what are their characteristics concerning their Tanks?

Currently, only three nations are represented in the game: the Germans, the Soviets and the Americans, but will introduce other nations into the game with oncoming major updates.

  • Germany: The tanks are by far the most accurate ones of all available nations but their drawbacks are the weak firepower and their Tanks in general have a high profile and poor camouflage.
  • Soviet Union: High fire power and splash damage are bought by inaccuracy. The generally thin armor is compensated by angled and specially shaped armor plates, which tend to deflect the bullets.
  • America: All-rounder, all in all, their armored vehicles are known for their averageness and diversity in the available selection of tanks.

It is planned to add more nations gradually over time namely, Britain, France and Japan. All in all, a total of 150 different armored vehicles, each with its own characteristics has been planned by

What is the realism of the game?

“World of Tanks” is holding the balance between simulaton and game flow. The gamer aims, for example, inaccurately out of the third person with a large field of view or from the tanks gun sight precisely with a very limited field of view. The game follows the laws of physics. The bullet trajectories are not straight and projectiles are deflected by angled surfaces accordingly.

The ammunition type also makes a difference how it damages target and its reaction, whether the player uses high explosive or armor-piercing projectiles. A heavy tank is very cumbersome to drive due to its weight compared to a light tank which is smoothly to drive

Is there a clan or squad system in the game to form a team with friends?

Yes. The game features a team system based on a platoon or up to a tank company. Three players can form a platoon and more than 3 players can form a company if the can reach the level limit.

These teams have the possibility to use VOIP communication in the game, which allows very effective tactics such as carpet bombing by artillery or fire salvo of artillery and tank platoon maneuvering. There is also a clan system in the game for up to 100 player which form a permanent company but it costs real money for a clan leader to start a permanent clan.

Can the tanks be outfitted individually in terms of equipment or crew?

Yes, each tank has a couple of customizable features. There is a variety of historically accurate gun types, radio equipment, chain drives and motors with different benefits and costs for each vehicle type and vehicle. However the budget may limit the choice and the player has to plan his resources carefully depending on the highest priority.

Particularly interesting are accessories such as binoculars, camouflage nets and armor skirts. The crew gains experience over time and therefore become more effective and is able to learn special skills such as passive camouflage, repair skills and the like.

Summary: World of Tanks

The gaming community is very large for a free MMO game. The player can almost instantly enter a game around the clock thanks to the automated matchmaking system, which always tries to keep a good balance concerning unit combination and level of tanks. The graphics are well done and the game is fun because of the good mix of action and simulation.

“World of Tanks” is testing a clan war system right now with a real world map and tank companies fighting for provinces all around around. Every province brings benefits to the company and we will see how it works out in the future.

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