WoW – Escape from the Halls of Reflection

After having defeated the Lich King’s Lieutenants, Falric and Marwyn, in the first part of the instance, the party will encounter the Lich King in his chambers, facing off with either Lady Sylvanus or Jaina Proudmoore. Unfortunately, Sylvanus is unable to defeat Arthas and Jaina is not able to bring him to his senses, and the party must flee from him. The event is begun by speaking to either Sylvanus or Jaina, who will then begin running along a cliffside path toward a back exit.

The HoR Escape – Basics

As soon as the party speaks with their faction’s designate, the Lich King will begin advancing toward them. At this point, the party has two choices. Choice one is to follow either Sylvanus or Jaina, which will lead them to a wall of ice. Once there, the party will face waves of enemies before the wall is brought down.

Choice two is to head immediately to the left as the party exits the Lich King’s chambers and hide against the wall. If done correctly, the Lich King will pass the party by and while the enemies will still spawn, they will be coming back towards the players, instead of pinning them against the wall.

This encounter consists of four walls that the party must get through, which are brought down as successive waves of enemies are killed. As the party gets closer to the end of the event, more waves of enemies will spawn, but there will never be an actual “boss”.

The HoR Escape – Enemies

There are three types of enemies that the party will face when escaping the Lich King – non-elite Raging Ghouls, elite Risen Witch Doctors and elite Lumbering Abominations. The Raging Ghouls will be the first thing to attack the party, and will come at them in packs of five or six. If the party groups up and AoEs, these can be brought down easily.

Next will come the Witch Doctors and Lumbering Abominations, which have to be handled correctly or the combination could spell a wipe for the party. As always, the tank needs to try to grab aggro on everything, and the Abominations need to be turned away from the group, as they do a vomit spray which does a decent amount of nature damage and also causes the affected players to take 20% more incoming damage for 8 seconds, and they also do a cleave, affecting two targets in front of them.

Once the tank has aggro, the DPS need to burn down the Witch Doctors. They cast Shadow Bolts, Shadow Bolt Volleys and a Curse of Doom, all of which are not that deadly by themselves, but can be a group destroyer in combination with the 20% increased damage taken debuff given by the Abominations.

By the time the party reaches the end of the cliffside and the final wall, there will be at least 2 Witch Doctors and 2 Abominations up at any given time, so coordination is key to preventing a wipe. If the party is fighting with their backs to the wall, they can simply run out when it falls. If they are fighting behind the Lich King, they need to simply give him a wide berth as he runs by. If he encounters the party directly, either at a wall or before it, bad, death-like things will happen.

Once the party has escaped the Lich King, they will find themselves on a small circular landing with no way out. Facing certain death, they will be miraculously saved by their faction’s gunship, and a large rock fall will trap Arthas. On the ship, the party will find a chest of loot.

The HoR Escape – Conclusion

While more difficult than Forge of Souls or the Pit of Saron, the Halls of Reflection can be quite quick if done properly. In total, the first part of this dungeon is quite a bit more difficult than the last, but both parts have their appeal. As always, the elite enemies in HoR have the potential to drop the Battered Hilt of Quel’Delar, as do all elites in the new instances, which can leads to a quest chain and an excellent new weapon for any class. That, plus the new gear dropping in these dungeons, make all three a worthwhile addition to the WoW universe.

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