Zuma’s Revenge – seriously addictive video gaming

The gameplay of Zuma’s Revenge is, as with the previous game, extremely rudimentary. The hero is a small, enigmatic, oddly decorated frog who possesses the ability to fire coloured balls from its mouth. It must blast these projectiles towards a moving string of similarly coloured balls in order to destroy every last one of them. The player controls the frog, and it is their mission to match up 3 balls of matching colour in order to dispose of them. When all the balls are disposed of, the level is completed, and the player may advance to the next level.

Zuma’s Revenge – Plot

The action takes place in the middle of the ocean, on an island inhabited by a group of omnipotent fiends known as the Tikis. 6 of them assume control of the land. The heroic amphibian finds itself washed up on this atoll, and must fight through 60 levels, and chronologically battle the 6 aforementioned foes in order to escape the accursed island.

Zuma’s Revenge – A Bigger & Better Sequel

As with all sequels, there is a certain anticipation that comes with its release. The big question is always ‘Will it be better than the original?’ The original Zuma was so simplistic and so easy to play that it became an instant hit. With Zuma’s Revenge, the effect is much the same. It operates in essentially the same way as the original, and as such, the fun is just as easily accessible.

The boss battles are the most significant additions, but many other little extras have been incorporated. 3 new power-ups, triple shot, lightening and laser have been added. Certain levels offer the player the ability to alternate the frog’s position between 2 different places on-screen, giving multiple vantage points. Other levels feature the frog stationed on a sliding bar at various points on the screen, restricting the frog one-dimensional movement.

The graphics have been improved, the actions feels smoother, and the level designs are far more diverse. All these additions and refinements put Zuma’s Revenge head and shoulders above its predecessor, and give video game enthusiasts and Zuma fans a game that is exciting, enticing, and endlessly enjoyable.

How to Get a High Score in Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a highly addictive Facebook game from PopCap. It can also be very frustrating for Bejeweled Blitz players whose co-players are racking up high scores of between 150,000 and 200,000, while they themselves can only seem to manage relatively low scores of 10,000 to 20,000. Power Gems, Multiplier Gems and Hypercubes are the keys to getting an explosive score in this 60 second game.

How to Play Bejeweled Blitz

The Bejeweled Blitz grid consists of different coloured gems. Adjacent gems must be swapped around to match three, four, or five gems of the same colour in vertical or horizontal rows. When a row of matching gems is made, it explodes and turns into points. The faster a player can make matching rows the better, because an escalating speed bonus adds extra points on the points gained each time gems are exploded.

Throughout the game, rows of matching gems explode to create Power Gems, Hypercubes and Multiplier Gems, which can then be used to gain even more points.

  • Power Gems – Matching four gems will create a twinkling Power Gem. When a Power Gem is matched, it will explode all gems adjacent to it, including other nearby Power Gems, which in turn will explode even more gems to get more points.
  • Hypercubes – Matching five gems will create a shimmering Hypercube. When a Hypercube is swapped with any other gem on the board, all gems of the same colour will explode and turn into points, including Multiplier Gems.
  • Multiplier Gems – When 12 or more gems are simultaneously exploded by swapping one gem, a Multiplier Gem will be created. Multiplier Gems can be exploded in the same way as other gems, but the first Multiplier Gem to be exploded will multiply all future points gained in the game by two; the second Multiplier Gem will multiply all future points by three, and so on, including speed bonus points.

How to Get a High Score in Bejeweled Blitz

Although the potential for a high score in Bejeweled Blitz depends largely on how the gems arrange themselves, there are strategic ways to gain more points. Here are some tips for getting a high score in Bejeweled Blitz:

  • Match rows of gems as quickly as possible to take advantage of the speed bonus. Each time a match is made, the number of bonus points is increased by 100 (up to a maximum of 1000), as long as speed is maintained. Otherwise the speed bonus will reset itself.
  • Don’t be tempted to look at the score or the clock before the time is up; a second’s glance away from the Bejeweled Blitz board will slow down play.
  • Look for ways to make rows of four or five matching gems rather than rows of three; this will create Power Gems and Hypercubes.
  • Create Multiplier Gems by: strategically exploding more than one row of gems at a time, exploding Power Gems which explode neighbouring Power Gems, or making Hypercubes.
  • When a Hypercube is created, don’t just match it with any gem that it happens to be next to. To maximise points, try to match it with a gem the same colour as the most frequently appearing colour on the board, or with a gem the same colour as an existing Multiplier Gem.
  • Multiplier Gems can only be made about once every 10 seconds, so if the opportunity to make another one comes up too soon, wait a few seconds before using it.
  • Making matches at the bottom of the board will create cascades of new gems, which may automatically create matches, and will present new opportunities to make matches.
  • It will always be possible to make a match in Bejeweled Blitz, but sometimes it may be necessary to use the Hint button to find it.

Implementing the above tips and playing the game often will increase the chances of achieving a high score in Bejeweled Blitz, but when a high score is achieved, make the most of it. A new Bejeweled Blitz tournament is set each week on Facebook, everyone’s scores are set to zero, and the competition starts all over again!

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